I'm an artist! A real artist! I make drawings sometimes! Here I will post some of my finest work! WOW!!!

This is Jack in the Box, our mascot. He will guide you through the freak show that is my art gallery! And really just serve as a preview of the horror that is my art style. Wow! Click the links below for the galleries.

Bee illustrations

Anti car propaganda

Absurd clown portrait

Skater good boy

Snow in April???

Personal graphics

Airedale terrier character

Clown monster hunter clowns!

Winter holidays 2020

Huevember 2020

Halloween 2020

Assorted character design

Character design sheets

Slumber party

Selection of character illustrations

Me and my friends with our favorite Pokemon!!

My "fursona"

Art school crud


Creature design tests

2021 I

May 2020

April 2020


If you like what you see, you can commission me for a drawing or a character design! Contact me for more details.