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Name: Piyomon
Attack: Magical Fire
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Child
Type: Bird Digimon

Personality wise, Piyomon is friendly, cheerful, lively, and enjoys the company and attention of her friends more than anything. Out of all the Digimon in the series, she's probably the one who is the most devoted to her human partner, and the one with the biggest one-track mind - after she met Sora, Piyomon's life has pretty much centered around her. Piyomon is practically obsessed with being Sora's friend, and can be seen clinging to her at all times. It's not ONLY about Sora, though - Piyomon is very affectionate, and would love to be friends with as many Digimon as possible. Note that she likes to talk to the others about how awesome Sora is, once again showing the world that she thinks her relationship with her human partner is the most important part of her life.

Piyomon is childish, clingy and naive, so it's only natural for her to be uncomfortable with logic and conflicts. Although she's not much of a worrier, she has shown uncertainty about whether or not she might be nothing but a bother to Sora, which would horrify her more than anything.

Piyomon's obsession with her friends has resulted in another personality trait - her extreme bravery. If her friends are in danger, she'll jump into action without any hesitation at all. She'll gladly risk anything for her loved ones, and is very quick to evolve into her higher and more powerful levels in order to pummel her opponents into the ground.

As for her backstory, it's rather simple. Before she hatched from her egg, Piyomon became one of the Digimon chosen to team up with the chosen children in order to save the worlds. Seven Digimon eggs were brought to File Island (an island in the Digital World, obviously), where they hatched into their Baby I forms and later evolved into their Baby II forms. Piyomon grew up on File Island, and it was when she met Sora that she was first able to travel around in the Digital World.

Being a bird Digimon, Piyomon is talkative, chirpy and silly, and proud of her ability to fly. She doesn't like to see others sad, and will do whatever she can to cheer them up. Piyomon is absolutely not the kind of character to keep her feelings locked up inside - she's very open, and if she loves you, she'll be sure to let you know!