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Pyocomon: Shabon Flower

'Shabon' means 'soap bubble.' All the Baby II Digimon in Digimon Adventure appear to attack in the exact same way even though their attacks have different names - they simply jump up and fire a bunch of absolutely adorable pink bubbles at their opponents. Of course, the attack doesn't really do much unless the Digimon getting pummeled by it is a total weakling, like PicoDevimon.

Piyomon: Magical Fire

Piyomon's attack is really weird. By flapping her wings, she's able to make green fire appear, as if by magic, which is probably how the attack got its name. She sends the fire flying towards her opponents in a long spiral. Although the attack is pretty large for her size, it can't really do much to hurt Digimon above the Child level. While Piyomon is usually seen up in the air using her attack, it's possible to perform it while standing on the ground too.

Birdramon: Meteor Wing

Now we're getting somewhere! Birdramon's attack is very much like Magical Fire, only more powerful... and more orange... and less spiraly. She flies high up into the air, and as she flaps her wings, she is able to produce fireballs that she sends raining down on her enemies. While Magical Fire looks like it just appears out of thin air, Meteor Wing looks more like it actually emerges from Birdramon's wings.

Garudamon: Shadow Wing

To use this totally awesome attack, Garudamon hovers in the air, tightens her muscles, and releases a huge blast of either fire or red energy from her whole body, which takes on the shape of a giant bird and is sent flying up into the air. It then makes a U-turn in order to smash into the foe it is aimed at. If the Digimon is weak enough, it disintegrates on the spot, like poor ol' Mammon.