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Having eight kids and eight Digimon partners makes a total of sixteen main characters, so it was pretty much impossible to incorporate everyone's little character quirks into the show! That's what we have books and official websites for. The following facts were translated from the Digimon Adventure website and the memorial book.

Piyomon's favorite food varies with her evolutionary stages.
As Pyocomon, she likes strawberries, and as Piyomon she prefers peaches. Birdramon likes pineapples, and Garudamon melons. Her general fondness for fruit remains no matter what shape she takes!

Likes and dislikes
Pyocomon, being a baby, likes to take naps and dislikes ghosts. As Piyomon, she likes cooking, but her dislike for ghosts remains.

We actually got to witness this a little in the second episode. Piyomon and Patamon have about the same level of flight skills, and are often competing with each other.

Birdramon's body is in flames!
But don't worry, as long as you're not a bad person, you can touch her without being burned.

Piyomon's earliest stage appears to be a form of Botamon, Agumon's earliest stage, mutated into a seed-like creature. Because of this, she can evolve into both dragon-types and plant types. While Nyokimon was never seen attacking on the show, she does have a special move. She has no attack power because she's just a baby, so she fires off seeds with her Seed Cracker attack, surprising her enemy and giving her a chance to flee.