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Digimon Adventure is a Japanese cartoon show from 1999. It lasted for 54 episodes, and got a couple of movies plus a sequel (Digimon Adventure 02), but that's another story.

So, like most Japanese cartoons, our story takes place in Japan, at least for the first few minutes... the main characters, seven children on a summer camp, get transported to another dimension, the Digital World. There they meet and team up with seven of the inhabitants, monster-like creatures with the ability to talk and communicate like people. These creatures are called Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. Each 'Chosen Child' has his or her destined Digimon partner, and together, all fourteen of them go on a thrilling mission to pummel evil Digimon and save the real world AND the digital one.

I won't go into more details than that - if you're here, it's very likely that you've already seen the entire cartoon, and if you haven't, why spoil it for you? I'd like to voice my opinion, though. The show is simply amazing - with a bunch of likeable characters, an exciting plot, and a cute art style, it's a perfect cartoon, really. And it's more touching and meaningful than any Disney movie will ever be!

Despite being one of the main Digimon in the series, Piyomon's role isn't all that large - the cartoon mainly focuses on the character developments of the human characters, and the Digimon's backstories and personalities are a whole lot less complicated and dramatic. Still, Piyomon is a very good addition to the team, with her loyalty, cheery personality, and awesome battling skills.