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Okay, here are the Digimon Piyomon can evolve into on the show. The basic stats were taken from the Digimon Adventure memorial book. This section contains spoilers, so be sure you've watched all the Digimon Adventure episodes before reading further!

Name: Nyokimon
Dub Name: Nyokimon
Level: Baby 1
Attribute: None
Type: Seed Digimon
Attack: Seed Cracker
After Piyomon met Sora, she never devolved back to Nyokimon. However, you get to see her for a few seconds in the 45th episode as a flashback or something.

Name: Pyocomon
Level: Baby 2
Attribute: None
Type: Bulb/Lesser Digimon
Attack: Shabon Flower
She appeared in the first episode, as a cute little seed thing. She evolved into Piyomon, like the other Digimon evolved into their Child levels when Kuwagamon attacked. She appeared for the second time in episode 26.

Name: Birdramon
Level: Adult
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Giant Bird Digimon
Attack: Meteor Wing
When Meramon attacked in the fourth episode, Piyomon knew she had to save Sora and her friends. So she evolved - she was the only one of the Child Digimon who made it this time, and she defeated Meramon all by herself, being the first Digimon to destroy a Black Gear in the process. Birdramon appears alot, which of course is very swell. After being on her Adult level, Piyomon devolves back to her Child form.

Name: Garudamon
Level: Perfect
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Bird Man Digimon
Attack: Shadow Wing
Sora was feeling really miserable because she thought her crest didn't suit her, because of her distant relationship with her mother and her apparent inability to get close to people. When Vamdemon attacked for the first time, none of the Digimon managed to hurt him. PicoDevimon hurt Piyomon, but she still wanted to fight. Sora refused to let her, but at that very moment, Sora realized that her mother really cared about her the in exact same protective way she cared about Piyomon. Piyomon evolved into Birdramon, Sora's crest started to glow, and Birdramon evolved into Garudamon and protected the others. Garudamon uses up a lot of power, so she devolves all the way back to Pyocomon when she's done with her pummeling. In the last few episodes, she managed to pull an Agumon/Gabumon and returned to her Child form.

Piyomon never reached an Ultimate level in the cartoon, but according to virtual pets and video/card games, her Ultimate form would most likely be this:

Name: Hououmon
Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Holy Beast Digimon
Attack: Starlight Explosion