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Name: Sora Takenouchi
Age: 11
Crest: Love

Right, so in Digimon Adventure, the eight chosen Digimon each get their own chosen human child to chum around with. Oh, and they also have to save the two worlds. That too is important. Piyomon's destined partner is Sora here; ever since Piyomon hatched from her egg as Nyokimon, she's been waiting for her. When Sora and the other children finally arrived, Piyomon was overjoyed, and would follow her new best friend around everywhere. Some of Sora's speaking habits have even rubbed off on Piyomon!

Sora and Piyomon are very close, although Sora was probably the most wary of her new partner out of all the kids when they first met. In the beginning, it really seemed like Sora found Piyomon and her extreme obsession with being her friend kind of annoying and frightening, but she got over it fairly quickly; once she learned that her new Digimon partner really loved her and would gladly do anything for her, and the two of them have been best friends ever since. Out of the chosen children, Sora is most likely the most responsible, mature and caring, and she always thinks before she acts. Although she's extremely emotional, she can be a bit of a tomboy; like Taichi, her close friend and the leader of the chosen children, she plays soccer.

An important aspect of Digimon Adventure is that all the chosen children have their own personal crest, a small flat emblem they wear around their necks symbolizing the strongest and most important part of their personality. Since their Digimon partners seem to share said personality traits, it's not surprising that Sora gained the Crest of Love. When the children get in touch with the personality traits their crests stand for, their crests start to glow, giving their Digimon partners the power to evolve from their Adult levels into their much more powerful Perfect levels.