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Because I love stupid pictures so much, I'm going to add some of characters who aren't Piyomon as well! I'm not sure if YOU're going to find these amusing, but I do for sure. Just for your information, it's not my intention to point out so-called bad art or anything - this is just for fun, don't take it seriously!


Piyomon looks like that one characters from Ducktales... I don't remember what her name was but blah.
UPDATE! I remember now! It's Mrs. Beakley!

BEWARE OF THE BEAK OF DEATH! Sora and Koshiro look a bit strange here too, but Piyomon takes the cake. Her beak is nearly as large as her entire freaking head.

Speaking of beaks... TSK TSK, ANIMATORS!

Well, what can I say... pausing cartoons in mid-animation can get you some pretty nightmare-inducing results.


Patamon looks like some kind of freakish stuffed animal zombie with HORRIBLE DEAD EYES.

Hooboy, where do I even begin to describe what's wrong with this one?

Koshiro has a lazy eye and stupid expression and Taichi is just... stupid?

Takeru has ELF EARS! And sideburns. But he always has the sideburns.

An absolutely grotesque closeup of Mimi!! Look at her stupid little mouth.

JO IS HAPPY!! GOOD FOR HIM!! And yes, I spell his name like that 'cause it's how it's spelled on a bunch of official merchandise and stuff.

All right, WHO is that monkey and what did it do with Taichi?!

Here's another Taichi looking stupid!

Pacman Yamato?

This one isn't as funny because he's SUPPOSED to look stupid here, but STILL!


Something is wrong with his eyes again... and his hair is messier than usual! But now I'm just being nitpicky.

Oh, Patamon. Just... just...

Agumon looks like some kind of hippo...?

This is like my FAVORITE picture of Taichi.

Again, this one is probably SUPPOSED to look stupid, but again, STILL!

Gomamon's new evolution, St. Bernhardmon?

SOMETHING looks off here...

OVERBITES!! Now that I think about it, they ALWAYS have overbites.

It's Gabumon... well either that, or some kind of pelican.

I remember the first time I saw this scene! I had to rewind it a million times because Jo's face cracked me up so much.

My FAVORITE background character.

Square-headed Koshiro?

Holy CHIN, Batman! He looks like the background character with the phone!

I always knew Taichi had big hair, but let's not overdo it!

Oh mid-animation, I love you so!