WELCOME to the Happy Fun Time Ookiku Furikabutte Page! If you couldn't tell by the ridiculous title, this is NOT one of those awesome fansites that provide awesome information because I'm just not awesome enough to cough up stuff like that. Instead you'll just find unimportant Oofuri-related stuff that will HOPEFULLY brighten up your day. ALL RIGHT!


07.09.10: Comic cover scans for volume 15 has been added. This volume is a bit different from the others, and there were no profiles in there! I sure hope this won't be a continuing trend since KASUKABE will make their grand appearance in the next volume.

06.26.10: New DVD cover scans have been added to the gallery, and TV/DVD comparisons are up in the guide for for episode TWO. That's right, I couldn't find a single redraw for the first episode!

06.24.10: Episodes eleven and twelve are up! My first season two DVD should be here any day now, so look forward to comparisons real soon!

06.23.10: AAAAHHHH I AM SO FAR BEHIND!!! Sorry about that, episode ten is up for now.

06.05.10: I do believe the site is now mostly up to date with BIJO! Which means that they're now included in the Beginner's Guide, Biased Profiles, Mihoshi Fashions, and the team quiz.

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