THE GALLERY is where I store scanned Oofuri goodness! If you want to use any of the images for whatever you want, be my guest! Credit would make me happy, though. Also, please don't direct link anything!

The following galleries use thumbnails, meaning that you have to click on the small images provided to view larger versions.

If you're not happy with the size of the images, I could probably hook you up with some bigger versions. Feel free to drop me a line if that's the case.

:: Baseball cards - I'm not desperately trying to Collect Them All or anything, but I'll gladly scan the ones I have.

:: Postcards - It Came From the Fifth DVD.

:: Misc. cards - There's never enough cards!

:: DVDs - Covers 'n crap.

:: Comics - Covers and profiles.

:: Magazines and books - Lies and slander!

:: Nishiura Scorebook - Ninth DVD goodness.

:: Model sheets - Need a reference?

:: DS game - Instruction booklet scans.

:: Episode screenshots - Not scans, but still cool.