Collecting of MERCHANDISE is one of my FAVORITE parts of being a cartoon geek! Allow me to obnoxiously go on and on about my toy collection like a nerd goes on and on about his stamp collection!

You may follow my dumb toy hoarding adventures over at my fantastic collector's journal.

:: Figures - Miniature versions of our beloved characters!

:: Plush Dolls - Slightly larger and squishier versions of our beloved characters!

:: Straps & Keychains - Show your support by attaching Oofuri stuff everywhere!

:: Pins & Badges - OR you could pin Oofuri stuff everywhere!

:: DVDs, Books & CDs - The three-way path to enlightenment.

:: Writing Materials - Oofuri makes homework FUN!

:: Bags - Carry Oofuri stuff around in Oofuri stuff.

:: Wall Decorations - Posters and the like.

:: Cards - Um... cards!

:: Stickers - Or SEALS as they like calling them in Japan!

:: Nintendo DS Stuff - From games to pointless accessories.

:: Other - Everything else!