SCANS of most of these cards can be found in the gallery section! This page contains digital camera pics and information.

What we have here is a series of what are simply called 'baseball cards'. They were given out with the first releases of the DVDs and CDs - the Nishiura cards in my collection all came with the DVDs, and the Kano and Haruna cards came with the soundtrack. As far as I know, other cards available include Momoe and Shinooka, an alternate Mihashi, and maybe an alternate Abe as well? I don't remember exactly.

Laminated cards! Of course, there are other Nishiura players available as well, but the set with the most important characters ever (after Nishihiro) was the only one available when I visited Animate. OH WELL!
Additional image: Heartwarming quote closeup

This box contains a bunch of small square cards simply called 'mini cards'! I have no idea what they're for, but they're pretty neat, and it's not like hardcore collectors ever use merchandise for their intended purposes ANYWAY. It always makes me happy to see the psychotic Mihoshi battery!
Additional image: The cards

I ever so randomly found these bromide cards all by themselves in the geeky Mandarake store in Fukuoka! There are naturally Mihashi and Abe versions in existence as well, but I was obviously not at the right place at the right time.
Additional image: Backs

Sold at the 02.17.08 Oofuri event, this neat bromide set contains fourteen rather heavy cardboard sheets with punchholes and bromide cards attached to the fronts and backs. I'll be needing an Oofuri ring binder for these!
Additional images: Mihashi front, Mihashi back, Abe front, Abe back, Tajima front, Tajima back, Hanai front, Hanai back, Oki, Suyama, Nishihiro, Momoe, Shinooka and Ruri front, Sakaeguchi, Mizutani, Izumi, Momoe, Shinooka and Ruri back, Hamada and Kano front, Hamada and Kano back, Haruna and Junta front, Haruna and Junta back