This huge A4-sized seal sheet includes a really large sticker, and a bunch of small stickers that are actually stills from the cartoon show. There's even THREE stickers from the dramatic hug scene!
Additional image: Advertisements on the back

PUFFY TEAM SUPPORT STICKERS!! There's a Nishiura version available, as well as one for the OTHER teams. You're supposed to stick 'em on your cellphone or another carry-aroundable. It kind of irks me that they keep leaving Hatake out in favor of Oda, but OH WELL!! I'll cling feebly to life and find a way to survive even WITHOUT Hatake merchandise! Oh and by the way, I'm SO looking forward to the SECOND season of Oofuri. Because there WILL be a second season, and Sakitama WILL be overmerchandised. MARK MY WORDS!

Calendar seals from April 2008 to March 2009! There's one tiny sticker for each month. I get Hamada for my birthday month and my puppy gets Mihashi, doesn't that symbolize our heartwarming friendship perfectly?

It's the Ookiku Furikabutte Mini Photo Seal Collection!! You can choose whether you want to buy a single mystery packed seal for 126 yen, or a box containing all the 40 seals available for 5040 yen. The seals are REALLY nice and varied, featuring both stills from the cartoon and random illustrations.
Additional images: Seal box, single packs