Some of those neat folders called 'clear files', these babies are big enough to hold normal A4-sized paper.
Additional image: Back of one

These are so tiny! Best alarm clocks EVER!
Additional image: In the boxes, standing on my Nintendo DS Lite for size comparison

What we have here are a couple of pencil boards! You know, those plastic sheets you put underneath what you're writing on? Fun fact, I didn't know until I looked it up. Go me!
Additional image: Backs

Two different wristbands! Featuring the Nishiura and spooky target logos.

Mini towels! Meaning that yes, you can finally rub Nishiura all over your face.

My collector's instincts have stopped me from taking these CD cases out of the packaging, but they feature the regular four characters. Have you noticed how the characters always have their own color to represent them? Mihashi is yellow, Abe is blue, Tajima is red, and Hanai is green. They're like Huey, Dewey and Louie with an extra yellow sibling!
Additional image: Back

These fancy coasters also originate from Animate. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I'm pretty sure you couldn't just waltz in and BUY them! Um yeah, I think they're pretty special.
Additional images: Tajima & Hanai, Kano & Oda (the latter is no longer in my collection)

For all you FANS of Oofuri out there, may I recommend these Oofuri FANS? Oho ho ho! Featuring a recycled illustration AND a brand new one.

Momoe's generic SPECIAL orange candy!!
Additional image: Another angle, inside

May I offer you some more CD cases? These are made out of cardboard and use recycled illustrations you can find in the gallery section. There are two versions available - Nishiura only, and Nishiura and the other teams.
Additional image: Back

So hey... remember back in the Cards section when I said I'd need a ring binder for my event bromide cards? Well looks like my wish came true! FAR OUT, MAN!
Additional image: Back

This blue wooden thing is a music box! It's a highly adorable box that plays a high-pitched version of a part of the Oofuri opening theme "Dramatic" over and over again when you open it.
Additional image: Closed

Another alarm clock, this time a huge one! Neato.

BE COO-UHL!!! I can't seem to find a direct translation for 'sokuhie,' but I'm pretty sure I ran into some similar cooling bags sometime in the distant past...! EITHER WAY, it's a plastic bag with a recycled Oofuri illustration. Inside the bag, there's apparently another bag, and your mission is to give the outer bag a big ol' punch in order to break the internal bag. I was very unsuccessful with my own punching and ended up having to WRING it instead, but I DID manage to get it to work in the end! After successfully puncturing the inner bag, the whole thing instantly gets cold, staying that way until its contents have melted. What you're left with then is a bag of water that I suppose you could always put in the freezer to reuse in the old fashioned way.
Additional image: Back

I thought you were supposed to put these in your drinks first, but thankfully I discovered their real use before it was too late: bath oil thingamabobs! They come with a seal each, too.
Additional image: Back