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I might as well mention that yes, my art sucks, and yes, I realize this and am MORE than open for critique! I LOVE critique! I'm DESPERATE for it! Critique is AWESOME, and people who can't handle it won't be able to survive in the real world. Um. What I'm trying to say is, if you'd like to criticize the stuffing out of my drawings, you may visit my horribly inactive Deviantart gallery.

So I took it upon myself to give the characters funky new hairstyles!
Hanai and Suyama: Crazy wigs, Hatake and Hiiragi: Kanoish hair, Kaguyama: Emo hair, Ookawa: Mohawk, and Oyama and Daichi: Hippies.
Request-a-thon part nine - April 2008
Our requestathon ends with a goofy Izumi! Thanks to everyone who participated, I had so much fun!
Request-a-thon part eight - April 2008
The request was 'Mihashi, Abe and pink ribbons,' and this would by my interpretation.
Request-a-thon part 7.5 - April 2008
The last of the cartoon cliche requests: "One of those big smoke clouds when people fight each other with just random characters' heads popping out and YEAH." I KNEW Kano had to be in this one. He and Abe are probably fighting over something Mihashi-related.
Request-a-thon part 7.4 - April 2008
Cartoon cliche number three, banana peels! Do I REALLY need to explain this one?
IT-CHAN - April 2008
We interrupt our request-a-thon to bring you IT-CHAN, the kawaii anime version of It!!
Request-a-thon part 7.3 - April 2008
Cartoon cliche request number three was, I quote, "Someone looking evil and having a cigar with a SMUG GRIN and petting a soft white cat (the cat could be an oofuri character too hahaha)". Who better to draw than ARC??
Request-a-thon part 7.2 - April 2008
Cartoon cliche #2, propeller hats!! I LOVE propeller hats and would gladly draw every single Oofuri character ever wearing one, but for now, two of the Nishiura classes will do (I didn't know where to put Mihashi so let's just say he's in a corner practicing his stupid poses).
Request-a-thon part 7.1 - April 2008
One of my chums gave me a whole bunch of cartoon cliches to work with. Number one, barrels! Yes, the fashion police is Mihoshi and yes, the guy on the right is the faceless Todakita weed whose only role was to make Haruna look awesome.
Request-a-thon part six - March 2008
The request was to draw Tajima and Rio doing something swell with Kazuki and Junta being all jealous, so I drew them trading Pokemon because Pokemon is totally rad.
Request-a-thon part five - March 2008
Mihashi as a moth, Abe as a fly, Tajima as a butterfly, and Sakaeguchi as his little sprout thing from episode 2. This request was really weird, but it made the lepidopterist in me happy!
Request-a-thon part four - March 2008
THIS IS AN INSIDE JOKE!! Although the original request was to draw "Junta terrorizing Rio someone in their sleep," Junta is one of the least menacing characters in Oofuriland, so this is all the terrorizing he got to do.
Request-a-thon part three - March 2008
Third request: Nishiura having a happy fun POOL time!
Request-a-thon part two - March 2008
Second request, Mihashi, Abe and Tajima throwing pies at each other. Can't get much wackier than THAT.
Request-a-thon part one - March 2008
RIGHT so I wanted to draw more Oofuri fanart, but I didn't have any ideas, so I asked my chums to request something silly. First request, Rio confronting Abe and Mihashi about being their long lost son from the future!
Generic Birthday Picture - March 2008
Just a little something I drew for a GOOD PERSON who wrote me a fanfic for MY birthday! It touched me so!
DER CAPTAIN! - December 2007
I guess I COULD explain why they're dressed up as characters from The Katzenjammer Kids, but it's not funny if you have to explain it, so I won't. Good day!