This would be the FAQ page... except it's not really an FAQ page since people never ask me anything, so calling it 'FAQ' would be lying.

Hey, you're spelling a bunch of the names WRONG! It's supposed to be Kanou and Yuuto and Yoshirou!
Right, um, uhh... let's just say there are several different ways to Romanize Japanese names, and in the end, it's all a matter of preference, really. I just so happen to prefer the simplest way, without the unecessary Us. Just look around in magazines and merchandise, names are often spelled differently in Roman letters!

So uhh... what about the names? Does the first name go after the family name or...?
As we all know, in Japanese, people write their last names first... HOWEVER! On merchandise and stuff, whenever the characters' names are written in Roman letters, the first names always go first as far as I've seen. So on this website, I'll be using the first-name-followed-by-surname order as well.

What's up with the phrases about chucks? And getting off a good one?
Just an example of various things I'm obsessed with taking over my mind. "Having chucks" and "getting off good ones" originally came from the book It by Stephen King, which I just so happen to be severely obsessed with. It's a really good book about friendship and love, try it sometime! Anyway, the phrases in question basically mean... having fun, being amused, stuff like that.

What is this 'direct linking' stuff you keep whining about?
It applies to image files only. Direct linking is when you right-click on an image to find its URL, and post it elsewhere for others to see or click on. This action pains most webmasters as it abuses our precious webspace, which is why you'll often hear us whine about it on our sites. To be a good visitor, SAVE the images to your own computer, and upload them from there to a free image hosting site. I personally recommend Photobucket.

Where did you get all your merchandise? Are you rich?
Even though I officially reside in Europe, I do dedicate a large portion of my life traveling to Japan, where I get to buy merchandise first-hand in stores like Animate that strictly specialize in cartoon and comic goods. There's a lot of online shopping going on too, of course. And no, I'm not particularly rich, I just prioritize useless cartoon merchandise over other things.