THIS is something I wrote in my journal back in 2007, back when my Japanese skillz were even worse than they are now, right after I flipped through the Sakitama comic chapters for the first time! Posted here in italics to signify oldness.

PITCHER, WOLVERINE JR. (Ichihara?): A second year, Wolverine Jr. looks like a young version of Tosei's coach, WOLVERINE!! AAAHHHHHHH!! Most of the time he's seen with a >:/-y face, so he's most likely one of them there drama-inducing pitchers. He has to go through a lot of drama at home anyway - his pa, Wolverine, wants him to play for Tosei, but Wolverine Jr. is SO very rebellious that he ran off and joined his captain's circus.
ALSO, his nickname appears to be Icchan/It-chan/however-you-want-to-romanize-it because Unibrow Man ran up to him and was all like "IT-CHAN NICE PITCH!!!"

CATCHER, DRAMATIC CATCHER DUDE (Daichi?): Actually, the catcher might be more dramatic this time around! Dramatic Catcher Dude, a first year, is constantly stressing around. He probably doesn't have a very high self-esteem, and he's really quite humble and polite. He also appears to be quite important because I see what I THINK is his name pop up everywhere.

UNIBROW MAN: UUUUUNIIIIIIIIIIIIIBROOOOOOOOOOOWWW!! Judging by the unibrow alone, Unibrow Man is the most popular kid in school and everyone in the world looks up to him. In other words, Unibrow Man is a part of the COOL CROWD.

WEIRD EYEBROW GUY (Oyama?): Weird Eyebrow Guy comes from a family of clowns! If it wasn't for the fact that they're clowns, his family would have been VERY disappointed in his career choice. Weird Eyebrow Guy is still a clown at heart though. He might be der captain?

SQUINTY (Uemura?): Squinty is obviously related to Keisuke from Tosei! Um, that is all I have to say about Squinty.

DWEEBY: Dweeby is just some random dweeb. He's not QUITE as dweeby as Dramatic Catcher Dude though.

Uhh I can't be bothered to analyze more people at the moment, but I think I've covered the most important ones. I think I love this team already!!