:: JIN & RIO

DID YOU KNOW??? Aniplex had originally teamed up with Disney in order to create a magical children's television series about baseball players in Hawaii, but the idea was unfortunately scrapped at the last minute. I have managed to find some concept art, though!

JIN AND RIO!!! The heartwarming tale of a lonely baseball playing Hawaiian boy who befriends a rabid science experiment from outer space!

Here's the cast!!

JIN: The lonely baseball playing Hawaiian boy I just mentioned!

RIO: The horrible alien experiment I also just mentioned! He is very powerful and destructive, but loves Jin a lot deep down.

SHINGO (right): Jin's older brother whom he lives together with!

SHIGA (left): The spooky social worker threatening to take Jin away from Shingo!

WOLVERINE: A ginormous horrible alien on a quest to capture Rio!

KAZUKI (left) and JUNTA (right): The comedy duo! They are quite deadly since we all knows what happens when Disney attempts to be "funny" and "wacky."

And there you have it! Aren't you saddened that this show got canceled before it even premiered? Oh well!

DISCLAIMER: Everything written above this note is a LIE (aside from the remark about Disney's humor attempts, obviously).