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Q. Your site's name is too long and stupid! Can I call it something else?
A. Sure. I usually shorten it to 'Happy Fun Time' or simply 'my Oofuri page' myself (you can call it Ridi's Oofuri page).

Links out? Links... out? Well, let's see...

Official sites
:: Ookiku Furikabutte
:: TBS
:: MBS

Groups and such
:: A Livejournal community for official stuff
:: A Livejournal community for fanstuff

Buy Oofuri!
When searching, you're best off simply going with 'furikabutte' since the spelling of 'ookiku' varies.
:: CDJapan
:: Yesasia
:: Play-Asia
:: HLJ
:: Hobby Search
:: Amazon

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Aaannnd finally, if any of you gentlemen visiting would like to do a link trade, or if you happen to know about a swell Oofuri site I should link to, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! Back when I was new on the internet, fansites were ALL the rage, but these days they're really hard to find... therefore, I highly encourage YOU to make an Oofuri fansite! GO!!!