Or, you know, my opinions on the characters! Just to give my page a personal touch. Or because I like to ramble. Whatever!!


I liked Nishiura a LOT when I first got interested in Oofuri, which was shocking and confusing since the main characters you're supposed to cheer for in competitive series usually aren't for me. It took the match against Sakitama to finally realize that I don't really like them that much and that I have absolutely NO sympathy towards them. I get that they're the main characters and all, but the fact that they hog the spotlight all the time is very annoying. I'm just not a main character person for the most part...!

On the plus side, Mihashi is a bizarre little character who is very hard to figure out, and his extreme selfishness and passion for pitching do make him quite interesting... but on the minus side, I'm very annoyed that he just doesn't seem to be getting any character development at all. It was cute in season one, but he's STILL angsting about being a no-good pitcher in season two...? Really? I don't really like or dislike Mihashi one way or the other, but his oh-so hilarious antics do get on my nerves quite a bit these days.

Abe does remain one of the easiest characters to make fun of in Oofuri - he is just SO dramatic and over the top and ridiculous. It does greatly offend me that a lot of Oofuri fans are totally okay with Abe being an asshole yet lash out at Hatake and Roka for the same reason... it's making me kind of bitter towards Abe.

I like his "strictly!" quote a lot because catchphrases and trademark quotes are just SO much fun. Other than that, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person in the world who finds his masturbation talk and the like totally UNfunny. On that subject, I don't get the impression that he's a pervert, just that he freely speaks his mind and doesn't even realize how inappropriate he is being. I do like how supportive he is towards his teammates and that his talent never gets to his head. His "wacky antics" do get kind of tiring at times, though.

Hanai's insecurities are so much fun, especially his relationship with his mother. I don't really have much of an opinion on him either way, though.

Sakaeguchi is a complete and utter sweetheart, and out of all the Nishiura players, he's the one I adore the most. I love how he always makes sure if Mihashi is okay, as well as his ability to understand Mihashi even when he's being too dweeby to talk properly.

I don't care about Oki one way or the other, but his nose is just SO ridiculous that it never fails to give me chucks.

No opinion...! The hand holding scene with Sakaeguchi was really sweet, though.

Despite being a slightly LESS developed character than Suyama and Nishihiro, Mizutani gets neglected less! Probably because he's prettier. Seriously, why do you think Suyama, Oki and Nishihiro never get included in merchandise and tournament drawings? BECAUSE THEY HAVE SMALL EYES AND/OR BIG NOSES!!! EITHER WAY, this is the Mizutani paragraph. I like him more than the average Nishiura member because he's just SO dorky and harmless and awkward and precious.

Izumi looks like Commander Keen and that's SWELL! That's all I have to say about Izumi, though.

Nishihiro is quite adorable! Um, yeah, that is all.

Momoe is so rabid! It's very fun to watch her obsess over the opponents because she's done that a couple of times... or at least once, with Junta. I like that she has a cute little doggy who would have been overmerchandised if Oofuri got made into a Disney movie (AAAHHH), but her general smugness is really annoying.

Shinooka is absolutely precious, but unfortunately, I must hold a childish grudge against her. Why, you ask?? WELL, in the preview for episode four, right after she read the title, "Baseball is Tiring," she made a comment about baseball being FUN and even though it was intentional it sounded SO catty coming from the winning team that was beating the losing team into a pulp. It's like... easy for them to say or something.

I like how he tends to pop out of nowhere and start rambling and how spooky he is.

Aw... Hamada is so nice and dorky and awkward and goofy and if you don't love him, YOU must be REALLY goofy. He's just so enthusiastic and supportive of everyone, and even has a bit of an ANGSTY side!

Kajiyama and Umehara are so silly!! They're very amusing and give me chucks so YEAH. I like joking around about them being nerds and being terrified of the sports players they're surrounded by because that's how things work in the REAL world, at least!


I LOVE Mihoshi as a whole. Although when I say that, I mean I mostly just love Mihashi's old teammates since the others don't really have personalities or dramatic backstories. The end of episode seven is one of my favorite Oofuri moments ever, and the time-out in episode five really showed how tight-knit the team actually is.

Kano had the best introduction ever. He was all like "HI MIHASHI!!!" and it was HILARIOUS because hey, didn't we expect everyone on Mihoshi to be all like "GRR SNARL MIHASHI?" Afterwards, he proceeded to show off. Anyway, Kano is a great character as there's so much to his personality! Back in Mihashi's Mihoshi days, Kano was the only one who believed in him, and the two of them still appar to be friends and respect each other a lot. While being a generally nice guy, Kano's still a MIHOSHI player, meaning that he's also kind of psychotic. He takes baseball VERY seriously and was practically OBSESSED with winning against Mihashi, and then he went ballistic a few times because PEOPLE DID NOT LISTEN TO HIM!! All in all, YAY KANO!! KANO IS A FUN CHARACTER AND ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITES!!!

Hatake is one of those unintentionally hilarious BULLY CHARACTERS!! AAAHHHHH!! Oofuri obviously needs one of those to balance things out, since most of the characters are so... so... care bear-like. The amusing thing about Hatake is his extreme obsession with Kano! He wanted to be in a battery with him SO BADLY that he stopped at nothing to kick Mihashi out. Sure, Hatake may have a mean personality, but as a character, he's a worthy addition to the cast, and I really like him a lot. Not to mention that he's SECRETLY a big sweetheart deep inside, proven by Mihoshi's apology and his immense love for Kano. HOORAY!

If I were to get to kick a character out of Oofuri, it would probably be Oda. I don't mind his personality or anything, if he actually HAS one that is, but he just seems kind of pointless as a character, and he kind of ruins the general Mihoshi mood. He's just... boring! ARGH!! It seems like his only purpose was to have a bunch of inner monologue to explain things to the viewers, but why did they have some random NEW Mihoshi person do that instead of a veteran...?

It took me a while to warm up to Ruri. Her personality sort of irked me because she had this really obvious 'teenage girl' air around her and that was just obnoxious! STILL, for some reason, I somehow grew to like her BECAUSE of her stereotypical teenage girl personality. I have no idea why! I guess maybe it's because it's easy to make fun of? EITHER WAY, Ruri is a valued addition to the cast of Oofuri and makes for some interesting character interaction. Mihashi NEEDS his abusive relative and someone to call him Renren! Also, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have gotten the Mihoshi bit in episode twenty. I wish we could get some flashbacks from her childhood together with Kano! I bet they were SO adorable.

I have developed a fondness for Miyagawa in particular because he reminds me of Bradley Donovan from It, being all small and dweeby and rabid, and Yoshi because he's swell and has a magical changing voice, but all the Mihoshi leftovers are wonderfully psychotic and hilarious characters who hate(d) Mihashi and love Kano. THAT IS AMUSING!!!


Uh, I love Musashino! They have this whole dramatic losery backstory going on and that's just SO COO-UHL.

Oh my goodness gracious, Haruna is SO MUCH FUN! Another one of my top favorite characters, he's SO delightfully wacky and silly and UN-serious, and you never know WHAT he's up to next! He and Abe made SUCH a wacky battery back in the day that they could have made a SITCOM about! Haruna is the only person in Oofuriland who doesn't take high school baseball seriously, and that's just hilarious. He takes HIMSELF seriously, though! Haruna loves and adores himself very much, although he doesn't appear to be STUCK-UP or anything. He just wants to do things his way without people whining. A bit of a mystery there, aren't you, Haruna. He's overall an awesome character who causes a lot of drama without being dramatic himself! WOW.

Akimaru likes to follow Haruna around to make sure he doesn't steal candy from children or stuff like that. I like Akimaru. He's a nice guy and even though he doesn't have an incredibly outstanding personality, I wouldn't exactly call him a BORING character because it's fun to watch him yell at Haruna!

Would you be able to tell Kaguyama is a third-year just by watching him? WELL HE IS!! He's a HUGE dweeb, though, and he even got an entire episode/chapter dedicated to his angst. I like Kaguyama a lot - not only does he have one of the most expressive faces in Oofuri, but his dweebiness is just hilarious, and I seem to be able to relate to him in some ways. It's easy to get all mopey because you feel overshadowed, is it not?

Ookawa looks like Hatake with Oyama-style eyebrows, so he's OBVIOUSLY the hunkiest hunk in Oofuriland! He's a SWELL character and it's fun to watch his awkward moments.

She walks hand in hand with Ookawa, really! The two of them make SUCH a dynamic duo, and I like them a lot. Miyashita is just plain COO-UHL, and I loved how she was all like "Move aside, newbie!" when Ookawa tried to make Haruna reveal his dramatic past.

I am especially fond of Machida, a.k.a Fishlips the Catcher! There are some characters who have only appeared in the comic so far who I also like, but I won't talk about them here until they appear in the cartoon.


As a whole, I like Tosei just fine because they're a friendly bunch and stuff, but they were never really one of my FAVORITE teams. I dunno, they just don't stand out all that much to me!

KAZUKI LOVES JUNTA AND RIO BUT ESPECIALLY JUNTA SINCE THEY'RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED!!! He's one of Mihashi's II HITO peoples, so obviously, he's the NICE GUY of the trio. Being the captain, he's very mature and responsible and nice to everyone (although he, like the rest of the world, enjoys bullying Rio)! Kazuki is the kind of character who makes me warm and fuzzy inside just by looking at him. He's like the father figure of everyone in Oofuri. Even people who haven't met him yet.

JUNTA LOVES KAZUKI AND RIO BUT ESPECIALLY KAZUKI SINCE THEY'RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED!!! He's the SILLY part of the trio, I guess, since he seems to be the one who enjoys picking on Rio the most, and because of his tendency to giggle foolishly to himself. Of course, he also appears to have a slight dramatic streak, but he's mostly fun. YAY! I like Junta a lot, he's just SO silly and goofy and dopey, which is awesome.

RIO LOVES KAZUKI AND JUNTA!!! ...sort of. He's OBVIOUSLY the grouchy member of the trio, but hey, there's got to be SOME reason for him to hang out with the silly Tosei battery! Rio is a very angry and spiteful individual with an abusive older brother and a grudge against Haruna. Still, he's VERY lovable and it's so much fun when his teammates make fun of him. YAY RIO!! He's the kind of character you MUST love because you know he'd hate you for loving him if he weren't fictional. Also, he gets bonus points for being a MIME!! YAY!!!

It sort of irks me that Shingo got more spotlight than more interesting characters like Yamanoi and Jin, since Shingo himself doesn't really have that much of a personality... STILL, Shingo IS kind of dopey at times and easy to make fun of, so he's all in all, I guess he's OKAY!

AW!! JIN IS SO ADORABLE!!! How anyone can look at that face and resist pinching his cheeks is beyond me! He's the only regular Tosei first year and he gets picked on by Rio and he has that whole Electrodeish speed thing going on. Also, he looks like a Lilo & Stitch character.

YAMANOI!!! ^_^
SPOOKY FACE ALERT!! ^_^ He appears to be the kind of guy who likes to jokingly pick on his teammates, or maybe I'm just imagining things as it's not like he's gotten much character development. ^_^ I WISH he had, though, because I rather like him. ^_^

Tosei's coach is none other than Wolverine from X-Men and that's just ridiculous! I don't like him all that much, but Tosei wouldn't be quite the same without him. He's one of those characters whose personalities I don't care about while I still think they're swell AS CHARACTERS. If that makes sense. And yes, I have been referring to him as 'Wolverine' for so long now that I've almost convinced myself that it's his OFFICIAL name. Just wait until the day when his official last name is revealed to be Ichihara, though!!

A lot of the Tosei people have big noses and look OLD! What is up with that? Either way, I don't really have an opinion on the rest of the Tosei dudes as they haven't done anything to stand out.


As I casually flipped through the comics, I was absolutely intrigued by the team's varied facial expressions and interaction. As I started actually reading and translating, I officially became obsessed! They shortly became my favorite team in all of Ookiku Furikabutte, and I was SO thrilled when they finally got to appear on the TV screen. I love how tight-knit they are, and how they'll do anything for each other to make the matches enjoyable. Also, I do have a certain fondness for losers.

Oyama is the most heartwarming captain in the entire universe. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, KAZUKI!!! Called 'Tai-san' by his teammates, Oyama is SO nice... maybe a bit TOO nice! He's the captain and a third-year, and seems to love his younger teammates a lot, always encouraging them and cheering them up. Oyama is AWESOME and I wish he were my best friend, so naturally, he's one of my top favorites. As a bonus, second to Sawa, he's got the best character design ever. CLOWN EYEBROWS!!!

It-chan!! Sakitama's pitcher, Ichihara is like, SO whiny and unenthusiastic and doesn't seem to quite agree with Oyama's way of always sugar-coating things! He likes constructive criticism, and that's just AWESOME. I love Ichihara a lot! He seems very different from the other pitchers, and has a wide variety of funny faces despite being THE most whiny and unenthusiastic character in all of Oofuri. Also, he looks like a younger version of Wolverine, and that's just hilarious. All in all, he's extremely flawed as a person, which makes him extremely awesome as a character, if that makes sense. He stands out a lot from the other characters in Oofuri, and he just generally gives me chucks, I guess. So yes, he's one of my top favorites!

The first-year catcher! Daichi is absolutely HYSTERICAL, and he too has managed to reach the very top of my favorites list along with the other people there. In fact, he was the first Sakitama person to make it to the top! He respects his elders and puts himself down a lot, and oh gawrsh, the dramatic outbursts! THEY'RE TOO MUCH!!! Also, he calls Ichihara 'It-chan-senpai,' which just about kills me. Daichi is the EPITOME of adorableness! When he's not having breakdowns, he's always so happy and enthusiastic, and I get the feeling that he really LOVES EVERYTHING except getting his heart dirty. Also, Baby Daichi is the most adorable thing in the land of Oofuri, even more adorable than say, Jin's face. WOW!!

Sawa!! I love you Sawa!! Sawa actually has my favorite character design in all of Oofuriland. I particularly loved the random part where It-chan was all like "NICE, SAWA!" in English and then Sawa was all like "That sounds like a DRINK!" and then It-chan was all like "Haha!" It-chan and Sawa are probably BFFs.

AWWWW!! SUGI IS SO CUTE!!! He is the only other first-year on the team and he just might be cuter than Jin's face and that's saying SOMETHING!

Harada is THE MAN!! I think. It's not like he ever received a personality, but I can pretend!

Furusawa's first name is Atsushi and that's just ridiculous! His eyes are kind of spooky and he has awesome hair so he's awesome overall.

Known as UEmura in the first version of the comic, Kamimira has magical changing names, and if Sakitama would do a reenactment of an episode of the Squishy Bearz, he would play Cozy/Kozy. Kamimura looks like Yamanoi and has awesome hair too. He's rad.

Tanaka is my favorite out of the backgroundy Sakitamalings because he made that face/pose above and because he was included in a scene with Sawa and It-chan.


It took me THE longest time to even get around to read the Nishiura vs. Bijo arc, but when season two of the TV show came around, I finally decided to get to it. Naturally, I ended up annoyed at myself for not doing it SOONER! I love Bijo, they are so crazy and manly and wonderful. KIND OF like Tosei, but cooler.

Rio's abusive older brother! So apparently, Roka is in love with Haruna, but Haruna rejected him so Roka had to let his frustration out on Rio, which is why Rio dislikes Haruna! I LIKE ROKA!!! He's a character the series needed for sure. Also, as a younger sibling, I like how Roka and Rio's relationship is portrayed because that's totally how siblings are in real life.

Takii is just the tiniest little man ever and he's so much fun! He DOES have the stupidest hairstyle in the whole series, but I'm willing to forgive him because his delightful personality matters more.

Takeshi is kind of a huge huge tool and I can't decide whether I love him or hate him. Uh...

Naomasa is OBNOXIOUSLY righteous and since I find that somewhat hilarious and endearing, I like him!

In case you haven't figured it out already, I have a raging crush on Yoshito and his constant stern facial expression that is even more obvious in the comic where it looks like he has a UNIBROW at times. He is just SO manly!! It's kind of disappointing that he isn't getting as much inner monologue as the other pitchers in the series, but on the other hand, it makes him even MORE manly. He just shuts up and does his job! SIGH. WHAT A MAN.

Takumi is so totally Regigigas from Pokemon, Slow Start and all! He is absolutely adorable because he's like a friendly monster type character if that makes sense, trying to control his immense power but not always succeeding. He's AWESOME and he seems like a fun guy too! I like the interaction between him, Naomasa and Takeshi. It's like a soap opera.

Yu WOULD be my favorite Bijo player along with his fellow crazy pitchers if it wasn't for the little fact that he didn't get a chance to show off his personality or anything! He looks like a dopey Junta though, and that's funny. And yes, I know saying 'dopey Junta' may seem kind of redundant, but... he really DOES look like an extra dopey version of Junta!!

I like Makoto a lot, he seems like a jolly fellow and his big dorky glasses are awesome!

I'm calling all the Bijolings their first names except Yano because his first name is Atsushi and there are already two other characters named Atsushi! What's up with that? Either way, Yano is totally awesome and spooky and he lurks in the shadows. He's my favorite Bijoling after the crazy pitchers. There's something about his VOICE that sounds SO over the top and dramatic! And not to mention his little ray of sunshine type personality! Yano is probably a goth. I bet he secretly writes dark poetry.

Ko has the most ridiculously adorable puppy eyes! I do like him just fine even though his personality doesn't really stand out all that much.

I am somewhat creeped out by Tetsuro's uncanny resemblance to Middle School Abe and Sakaeguchi.

I actually have no opinion on Kentaro! I probably SHOULD have just made an 'everyone else' paragraph for Bijo, but I have an opinion on everyone else so it would be kind of pointless.

Obviously related to Yamanoi and Kamimura, Takamitsu looks like a kitten.


This team CONFUSES me, and as a result, I've recently taken a random liking to it. The thing about this team is, it got a few moments to shine and show off its characters, making me think of foreshadowing and expecting them to get a major role later... however, they haven't done ANYTHING significant yet! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL, KASUKABE??

Anyway, this team mainly consists of Ryo and Aoi, a couple of twins with the back numbers one and two. I LIKE Ryo and Aoi. I have no real REASON to like them, but it's better than disliking them, right? They have weird eyes and were once seen grinning at each other like Electrode. I like their insignificant teammates too! Isn't that swell?

Kasukabe eventually did get some developmenet in the comic, and Aoi and Ryo have officially made it to my list of top favorite characters. I won't spoil anything, though.

This team consists of a bully, a laid-back guy, a laid-back guy with a phone, and a whole bunch of dweebs! My favorite ARC player is probably Mr. Laidback (the one without the phone whose name appears to be Kosugi) because he's pretty fun and the only one who dares to stand up to Mr. Bully (Yoshida a.k.a Yoshi) who looks like an evil version of Kazuki. It's like Yoshida doesn't faze Kosugi AT ALL. I wonder why? Blackmail? I also like the sleepy dweeb known as Shio. I don't really care about the other dweebs YET (although they definitely have potential), and Yoshida and the laidback guy with the phone kind of irk me for some reason. Either way, this team has some great character interaction and I expect lots of awesomeness from them in the future, and I'd love to see them in action on the baseball field!

Yeah so later on we DID get to see them in action in the comic. I was kind of disappointed with the result (won't spoil anything), but I do like Yoshida and Ootagawa's interactions. They're like Abe and Mihashi only cooler.

Two things are known about Senda. One, they have a thing for shaving their heads, and two, ARC holds a childish grudge against them. The only Senda member who has shown his face is the captain, pictured above. He gives me chucks. I mean, look at him. How can he NOT give anyone chucks?


Top favorite characters: Ichihara, Daichi, Oyama, Sawamura, Kano, Haruna and Aoi & Ryo.
Also quite fond of: Everyone else on Sakitama, everyone else on Kasukabe, Hatake, Yoshi & Miyagawa, Ruri, Kaguyama, Sakaeguchi, Rio, Yoshito, Takumi, Yano and Kosugi.
Least favorite character: Oda is the only character I downright dislike.
Top favorite team: Sakitama!
Runner-up teams: Kasukabe, Mihoshi and Musashino.