Ever wondered which team YOU would fit right into? Take this test to find out whether you should play for Nishiura, Mihoshi, Tosei, Musashino, Sakitama or Bijo! After completing it, you get a stupid little badge to proudly display on your site or weblog or whatever. Have fun!

1. So, tell me about your ideal captain!
He's like a captain, a father, a brother and a best friend all in one!
We are SO fond of him and he is so nice to us! Maybe a bit TOO nice...
He hits a mean homerun!
He yells a lot and can get kind of violent, but all in all he's good.
He's a pretty good leader and gets the job done, but he worries about his own coolness a bit too much...!
Um, he's sort of... uh...

2. What kind of backstory would your team have?
A VERY dramatic tale of an obsessive catcher and a pitcher who wouldn't leave.
We used to be a horrible team, but then HE arrived and inspired us to work harder!
We're basically just winners... for the most part!
Everyone else quit and we're the only ones left!
We're NEW!!
Backstories are SO unmanly.

3. And your team's battery?
We like to switch our batteries around and stuff.
We have like twelve different pitchers and catchers to play mix and match with.
They're BFFs for LIFE!
They work together perfectly while playing, but have lots and lots of communication problems.
They work together just fine, but both of them are pretty short tempered, so we have to watch out.
They don't really work, but we don't have any other options at the moment.

4. Tactics, tactics!
Depends on the opponent. Let's see how they play and then have some timeouts to decide.
Let's just say we're not above thoroughly stalking our opponents before the matches.
Signs and timeouts are important!
We'll just leave it all up to our star player.
Injuring our opponents! Yay!!
With our amazing backup pitcher, we don't NEED tactics!

5. Your coach?
Just like a fellow player!
Our coach is pretty terrifying and yells a lot, but he works!
Not involved!
Our coach is SERIOUS and has us work like crazy!
He's an all right laidback kind of guy.
We have multiple coaches!

6. Top priority?
Proving that our pitcher is better than THAT pitcher!!
Winning would be pretty cool...
Winning OF COURSE!
We are very grateful for each other so we play our hardest to show our appreciation!
Our ace pitcher is nervous and has no self-esteem. But we gotta win for ourselves and our anxious ace. Go team, GO!!!

7. Upon losing, you...
Are told not to worry about it, but...
Begin training and rethinking our stategies at once!
Confront our opponent and ask if one of their players wants to come join us.
We're used to it...
Have recurring nightmares about it for years to come.

8. Your supporters?
We dunno!!
Back in middle school, they disappeared little by little. We're hoping to change that now, though!
We got a dorky little cheering squad along with our supportive mothers and classmates!
We most certainly DON'T have any GIRL cheerleaders!
They're sort of goofy, but we have a lot of them!
Just some family members and stuff.

9. Your best player?
We sort of hero-worship our pitcher.
We sort of hero-worship our backup pitcher.
Probably our captain.
That huge towering superhuman child who really stands out.
This little moron... How can he possibly be that awesome?
We're ALL good!

10. What calms you down?
We try our best to encourage ourselves and each other!
A few reassuring words from our captain.
Venting! Let it aaall out.
Uhh, I'd say we're pretty calm for the most part.
Our opponents failing.
Third runners!

11. A fun fact about your team!
Our coach is a WOMAN!
One of our players may or may not be related to another team's coach.
Our backup pitcher secretly has the power to control our entire team.
We have like a million different uniforms for all occasions.
Our team has TWO names!
A lot of us look old and have big noses.