I was watching episode 10, the one I like to refer to as "Lovefest '07", on DVD when suddenly I was all like "Hey... WHERE DID THAT STUPID-LOOKING MIHASHI GO?!" Let's have a look at some screenshots. First, we have the TV-aired version and second, we have the DVD version!

I remembered that there was also one point in the original where Sakaeguchi looked really dumb and misshapen although not AS dumb and misshapen as ol' stretchy-face Mihashi up there. This was also changed later on! First, the TV version. Second, the DVD version!

And who knows how many OTHER edits they may have made! So... IF THEY EDITED THAT, WHY DIDN'T THEY EDIT THE STUPID-LOOKING ABE IN EPISODE 14?! It could be because stupid Mihashi and stupid Sakaeguchi lasted for several seconds while stupid Abe only lasted for a split second.

ANYWAY, after this, I naturally had to run off and do more comparisons! Take the captain selecting scene, for example! It was absolutely grotesquely drawn in the original, and the DVD version thankfully made it nicer. Again, the screenshots from the TV version go first, followed by their DVD counterparts.

Not really badly drawn or anything, they just felt like redoing the background and adding Mihashi. WORKS FOR ME!

STUPID NISHIHIRO BE GONE!!! Oh and Tajima too, I guess.

Hey you guys, I found another stupid Abe!


Oh gawrsh, where do I begin? The cheering scene was HORRIBLE, so OF COURSE they had to change it completely!

Aw, I think the stars were a nice touch... well whatever, who cares.

The TV version here just looked really off somehow! Well, Hanai looked hilarious. Too bad they had to change him.

Please ignore my horrible picture-merging skillz for a second and focus on the ENTIRELY REDRAWN Hanai-looking-at-the-team-before-making-a-speech moment!

Scene change! Thankfully, Horrible Alien Nishihiro was nice enough to return to his home planet for the DVD release so he could be replaced with the REAL Nishihiro we all know and love.

Man, they sure loved to mess up up Nishihiro, huh! Aside from looking really stupid, he apparently wasn't even supposed to BE there!

While Sakaeguchi's eyebrows remain slightly weird, Tajima's hair went from being Sakaeguchi-colored to Tajima-colored. This scene made me blink and rub my eyes SO much the first time I saw it. Disappearing Nishihiros and weird-haired Tajimas, oh my!

After watching both versions of the episode AT THE SAME TIME for the page's episode guide, I noticed more and more changes. Fudge, the whole dang episode has practically been given a makeover! I won't even TRY to list ALL the revamps; I'll stick with the most obvious and interesting ones, otherwise I'd be here all day. SO YEAH, my new discoveries will be listed right below this paragraph, like the redrawn scenes parts of the episode guide. Click on the thumbnails for better views!

Out with Sakaeguchi, in with Hanai and Nishihiro!

Abe and Hanai were switched around. Were they simply... mirrored? LOOKS SUSPICIOUS!


Hi Mizutani!

He got less flat.

One of the MANY background revamps! I'll tell you ahead of time that I won't be listing all of them 'cause that would just be redundant.

Mihashi got slightly cross-eyed!

Another example of background changes.



They connected Shinooka's mouth.



DVD Tajima did this little... LEAN thing.


Rearranging! Also, they originally forgot Mihashi's shiny new one.

Fill in the white of his eyes!

GOT YOUR NOSE!!! Oh ho ho ho I sure am witty.

Abe and his stupid helmet.


They changed Shinooka and added the stripes to Mihashi's socks.


Couldn't they have recolored Izumi's hair while they were at it?

Let's move the calendar a liiiittle to the right...

That's a pretty drastic room change!

Some more rearranging of the characters.

Hello there Izumi, how are you today?


Mihashi. And uhh, background.

Mihashi's ma!!

Okay, move a liiiiittle to the left... yeah, that's it, Oki's nose has been successfully covered!


Curtains 'n stuff.

The spooky target got a revamp!

It sure was FOGGY in the original!

Stupid Abe!

Abe's dramatic walk.