:: Episode 207: Sylvanian Families
   Yuruyaka na Henka (Slight Changes)


Since we don't need TWO losery teams on the cast of Ookiku Furikabutte, Nishiura's next match gets fast-forwarded without any new characters being introduced. The recently victorious Bijo is watching the match since the winners will be their next opponents and all. Roka and Takii watch closely, taking notes of little things like Mihashi never shaking his head ever, meaning that they only have to figure out the catcher's way of thinking, which shouldn't be too hard!
The match ends with Nishiura being victorious, predictably enough. The batters do ground maintenance while Abe and Mihashi stretch, Mihashi once again asking if Abe is going to quit being a catcher. Abe once again assures him that he WILL keep on catching no matter what! FORESHADOWING~!

Nishiura gets ready to leave with all their baggage and everything. Mihashi tries to help, but Abe insists that he's made of glass and stops him. So Mihashi has to sit around and watch the bags while the others move the bats and stuff. That's when Abe's dad shows up!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Except that he doesn't seem all that terrifying this time around. In my opinion anyway... Mihashi is still terrified. Mr. Abe compliments Mihashi on his pitching and tries to start a friendly conversation. He obviously fails, then gets a phone call and has to run off.
The following evening, we rejoin Bijo! Takeshi is out practicing catching with some random dweeb who looks like Sakaeguchi when a third person runs up to them and informs them of a meeting. Takeshi and the third person, Naomasa, run off to the bathroom and have a talk. It is revealed that Naomasa and Takeshi have been competing for the catcher spot, and while Naomasa has accepted Takeshi's victory, it's very obvious that he's kind of bitter about it, and he'll still continue to fight for the position. Takeshi has a dramatic little inner monologue involving Naomasa being a good guy, which is exactly why Roka chose to work with Takeshi. How dramatic!
And so, all the players gather and the meeting starts. Yaaaay.

Meanwhile, at the Mihashi residence! We're finally introduced to Mihashi's dad, a darling little man who looks exactly like Mihashi and Mrs. Mihashi only with black hair. Mr. and Mrs. Mihashi talk about seeing their son's matches when said son returns and they're all being kind of obnoxious so let's just fast forward to the ABES!!
Abe and his jolly ol' dad are discussing today's match, and the subject of Mihashi is brought up. Mr. Abe bluntly accuses his son of not having any friends, Abe goes ballistic, and Mrs. Abe has to step in to calm them down. Abe is sent off to bed, and while brushing his teeth, he slowly comes to the realization that he just might be totally friendless after all. Awww... poor Abe.

THE NEXT MORNING!! Nishiura gets interviewed by some crazy big-lipped lady while Abe takes Mihashi out to eat. Abe grabs the opportunity to ask Mihashi if he's uncomfortable about anything, and Mihashi is quick to shake his head... and Abe totally believes everything is just fine.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Hanai goes to fetch the newspaper and runs back in to show her adorable little twin daughters a picture of their big brother.
Meanwhile again, all the family members and supporters are gathering around, waiting for the match to start. Mr. Mihashi gets re-introduced to Hamada, the crazy mothers gush over Asuka and Haruka, and Sakaeguchi's siblings show up! His older sister looks exactly like Sakaeguchi would look like wearing glasses and a wig, and his little brother looks... exactly like him. Yay!
Momoe strategizes with the Nishiuralings a bit before they enter the field. Kazuki has also arrived on the scene, wondering whether or not he wants to see Nishiura lose. Oho.
Abe has a quick talk to Mihashi. While Bijo has those crazy THREE pitchers, Nishiura only has Mihashi. Mihashi hero-worships Abe a bit, and Abe means to WIN! Yeah we'll see.

Best parts

  • Abe's delightfully smug dad asking if Abe has any friends.
  • Um... the Bijo characters were being delightful? It's kind of hard to find things to gush about...!

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