:: Episode 210: More Pokemon References
   5 Kai Ura, 2 Tai 5 (Bottom of the Fifth Inning, 2-5)


If you think my Pokemon references up until now were annoying, don't worry! I'm just getting started.
Abe has another talk with Momoe, and the head shaking sign thing is brought up. Momoe realizes just then that hey, Mihashi has never shaken his head ever until now! That is just disastrous, but she won't give them a lecture about it in the middle of the game in case she'd screw them up even more.
Abe has a couple of flashbacks, first to the first time he met Mihashi and demanded nods from him, and secondly to HARUNA yelling at him that pitchers have the right to shake their heads. Abe realizes that what he said to Mihashi back in flashback number one was definitely iffy. Oh Abe, you grow up so fast.
Let's get on with the game! Yoshito's time on the mound is up, but rather than sending him back to the bench, Takii switches him out with Kentaro so he can earn more experience points and perhaps gain new level. Bijo's second pitcher is... Regigigas! Yes, it's the legendary golem Pokemon having taken the shape of a high school baseball player named Takumi.
Izumi goes up against Takumi first and having studied the Pokedex entries, he knows how to take advantage Takumi's unfortunate Slow Start ability. Takumi fumbles around, and Takeshi gives him signs to throw pitches he'd rather not. Naomasa yells words of encouragement to him, and Takumi laments over Takeshi not understanding him the way Naomasa does. The drama!
SO while Takumi fools around trying to get his engine started, Izumi eventually gets on base. Sakaeguchi gets him further, and Suyama even more so while also getting on. After Tajima gets Izumi back home, Naomasa yells out some encouragement to Takumi again, shocked and appalled that Takeshi isn't doing the same. Pfff I love these guys.
Anyway, Hanai is next, and while he feels ever so pressured, he manages to send the ball flying, getting another point in with Suyama. Aww, don't worry, Bijo! Slow Start will wear off soon enough! Still, Naomasa is most displeased with the way Takeshi is working together with Takumi. Thankfully, Takeshi finally gets off his keister and runs off to encourage him.

While Hanai and Mihashi perform another awkward high five, Takumi is finally starting to strike people out. Up in the stands, Kazuki is wondering if it's perhaps time for him to leave.
Bijo has another quick uneventful offensive round, and Kazuki is just about to leave when Roka suddenly rises from his seat to go to the bathroom. Takeshi looks up towards them like a lost puppy, and Kazuki decides to stick around a bit longer.
It's Nishiura's time to attack again. Abe does some of his usual nagging at Mihashi before he runs off to bat. Takumi ends up sending Abe off to base with four balls, and Takeshi runs up to him to praise his violent throwing. Takumi gets offended, but Takeshi just laughs it off, and they get ready for some batter challenging. And challenge they do! Mizutani cowers in fear over Takumi's super fast throwing and goes right out, and Mihashi manages to get both himself and Abe out. Phew! Mihashi is still in good spirits though.
Takumi's current condition pleases both Ko and Takumi himself, but don't worry, Yano makes sure to crash their party by reminding them of the four balls. Takeshi flashes back to Yano's warning about his rough play style and that he might in fact be called back from the match if he continues. On the other hand, if he doesn't follow Roka's sign (Roka's leaving the stands was totally a sign in case it flew over your head), he'll be removed from the regulars! What's a guy to do?!
We then get the ultimate exposition scene in which Takeshi goes out of his way to include random people's names and schools in his little inner monologue informing us of his previous victims. He dramatically decides to go on one last time for the sake of his beloved teammates before quitting baseball.

And so, Takeshi steps up to bat, using his catcher powers to read Abe's mind, hitting with no problem, and getting on base. Yoshito unfortunately fails at getting him further, but hey, at least he looks SO awesome and manly while trying. Next is the dreaded KO! He bunts away and gets himself to first base and Takeshi to third. Yano yells out at Takeshi to pull himself together, and a new super scary kind of background music starts playing as Abe threatens to kill Mihashi if he hesitates to throw the ball back home. Yeah, isn't Abe and Mihashi's relationship so totally adorable compared to say, Mihashi and Hatake's relationship? GUFFAW.
What follows is an absolutely ridiculous slow motion scene consisting of Takeshi running and Tetsuro batting. Oki follows up by awkwardly throwing the ball back to Abe, and as Abe dives for it, Takeshi crashes into him! In slow motion! After Bijo gets their next point and the drama ceases a bit, Abe writhes around in pain right there on the ground. His teammates rush over to him and carry him off to the benches to get a check-up.
On the Bijo side of things, Takeshi swears to Yano it wasn't his fault, and Yano, having witnessed it himself, believes him. Yano is more worried about Takeshi's injury from the crash. It's not as crippling as Abe's, but he still had his arm stepped on. The two of them run off to have it checked out.
Back to Nishiura again, Abe is diagnosed with a sprained knee. He insists he is fine, but Momoe and the others will have none of it. Nishihiro is sent out to play, and Tajima gets the catcher role. Before Mihashi can run off, Abe grabs his arm, and the two of them dramatically stand there like fools for a little while. It's Mihashi's turn to reassure Abe, and he eventually manages to get Abe to sit down and let go.
The other Nishiuralings are worried, but Mihashi and Tajima somehow manage to lift the spirits of the entire team as they prepare themselves for the match to continue. Although Tajima is super nervous, he will do his best as the team's catcher!

Best parts

  • HARUNA!!!!!!!!
  • Even though it pains me to see Yoshito switched out, Takumi somehow makes it okay by being his darling self! I love all his scenes, particularly the dramatic triangle thing he has going on with Naomasa and Takeshi, as well as when he got offended when Takeshi complimented him on his rabid pitching.
  • Yano being a party crasher again.
  • The build-up to the crash, and the ridiculous slow motion as it happened! Oh MAN.
  • Yano: GE!

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