Name: Terriermon
Level: Child
Type: Beast Digimon
Attribute: Vaccine
Attacks: Blazing Fire, Petit Twister
Evolution line: Gummymon - Terriermon - Galgomon - Rapidmon - SaintGalgomon

Terriermon started his life as a computer game character, but for more on his backstory, have a look at the Partner page. Personality-wise, Terriermon takes it like a man. His catchphrase is "Moumantai," which is Cantonese for "Take it easy," or "No need to worry," or maybe even "Whatever!" His relaxed attitude naturally leads to bluntness - he'll say whatever is on his mind without thinking of potential consequences. This can sometimes lead to unintentionally hurt feelings, and Terriermon's partner Jian often has to remind him that he's stepping out of line.

When it comes to fighting, Terriermon seems to be pretty neutral. He doesn't particularly love it, but if a troublesome Digimon appears and stirs things up, he won't hesitate to get in there and do some pummeling. In fact, he often got a little frustrated whenever Jian held him back, sulking about Jian not understanding how Digimon work. That was a thing of the past, of course, before Jian came to realize that some fights are for the best and downright inevitable.

Terriermon knows how to enjoy the fine things in life - his hobbies include playing with his friends Guilmon and Culumon, sleeping, eating, and of course following Jian around everywhere, which is not much of a problem because of his cute looks and portable size. When there are people around who don't know about the existence of Digimon, Terriermon can easily pretend to be a stuffed animal. Jian even attached straps to Terriermon once so he that could pretend to be a backpack!

Here's how his attacks work! With Blazing Fire, Terriermon shoots tiny green fireballs from his mouth. With Petit Twister, he uses his huge ears to spin himself around really fast, creating a little green tornado he engulfs himself in. He then sends himself crashing against the opponent, jumping out of the tornado the moment it hits.

Speaking of Terriermon's ears, they're his pride and joy. They usually droop loosely down by his sides, but he can lift them if he wants to, like if he hears or senses something unusual. He can use his ears for a variety of things, like spreading them out and glide in the air like a flying squirrel, and wrapping them around Jian so he won't fall off while they run around. The spikes at the end of his ears can even be used as fingers! In short, his ears are incredibly versatile, and can be used as hands and wings as well.