Since this is a Terriermon fansite, this episode guide will only contain summaries of what Terriermon is up to. Isn't that fun?

Episodes 1 - 17, 18 - 34, 35 - 51

Episode 1

The episode spends a few seconds in Jian's room where Shaochung can be seen playing with Terriermon who pretends to be a stuffed animal.

Episode 2

The episode that introduced Terriermon for real! After Guilmon goes on a rampage at school, Jian and Terriermon confront Takato, asking him about Guilmon being a Digimon. Terriermon makes a comment about Takato lacking what it takes to be a Tamer since he doesn't properly connect with his Digimon. Jian scolds Terriermon a little, and Takato runs away in tears.

Episode 3

Jian arrives on the scene together with Terriermon to stop a fight between Guilmon and Renamon. Terriermon compliments Renamon on her strength and asks her if she can evolve yet, but receives no answer.

Takato and Jian officially become friends, and Terriermon explains what Moumantai means.

Later on we get a short scene in Jian's room where he has a quick talk with Terriermon about evolution. He'd rather not have Terriermon evolve as it would ruin their friendship, and Terriermon assures him that he won't evolve.

The next day, Jian and Terriermon once again show up to stop a fight between Guilmon and Renamon, this time in a parking lot. Ruki offends Terriermon by saying he's tiny and no match for Renamon. Terriermon runs around while the other Digimon fight, and ends up getting in the way of Renamon's special move, triggering an evolution in order to defend himself. Once turned into Galgomon, he loses control, and starts blasting off cars left and right. He's just about to attack Ruki when Guilmon jumps in and headbutts him out of the way.

Episode 4

After Galgomon calms down, Jian takes him outside and has him stand on his head in order to cool down. They wait there for a while until Galgomon turns back into Terriermon, then head back home.

The next day, a Digimon is about to appear! The smoke cloud of it chases after Jian and Terriermon for a little while until it materializes into Gorimon, whom Terriermon and Jian recognize. Jian tries to reason with the Digimon in order to avoid a fight, but naturally, it doesn't listen. Guilmon starts fighting it and Terriermon joins in although Jian doesn't want him to. "Didn't you want me to fight earlier?" Terriermon asks, and we get a flashback to how Jian and Terriermon first met, back when Terriermon was still a game character! For the whole story, see the Partner section.

After snapping out of the flashback, Jian borrows a card from Takato, and has Terriermon throw a training device at Gorimon in order to slow him down. Terriermon defeats it, but Jian stops him from loading its data.

Episode 5

Terriermon appears with Jian at Guilmon's hideout to inspect Culumon. They team up with Takato and Guilmon and go look for someone to take care of him. They don't succeed.

Later that night! An Evilmon appears, and it's up to Guilmon and Terriermon to fight it. Jian plugs some extra speed into Terriermon with his Digivice and a card, but Ruki and Renamon arrive on the scene and steal all the glory, defeating Evilmon. Takato and Jian decide to leave Culumon alone.

Episode 6

Terriermon once again finds himself hanging out with his pals at Guilmon's hideout, where an intense game of rock-paper-scissor takes place. The fun gets interrupted when Terriermon and Guilmon sense the arrival of a Digimon. When they arrive on the scene, Ruki and Renamon are already fighting it, and Renamon defeats it shortly afterwards.

Episode 7

After witnessing Guilmon nearly fading away, Takato seeks advice from Jian, and Terriermon tells him not to worry. Jian isn't really helping much, so Takato runs off.

Guilmon disintegrates for real, so Terriermon and Jian go along with Takato, Ruki and Renamon in order to figure out what just happened. The two Digimon have to be left behind so they won't end up like Guilmon, though.

Terriermon and Renamon meet up with the kids after successfully bringing Guilmon back. Guilmon and Takato thank the others for their assistance, Terriermon says "Moumantai," Renamon comments that he didn't do anything, and Terriermon retorts that neither did she.

Episode 8

There's a prankster running about, and Jian and Takato wonder if it could have been Guilmon. They conclude that he couldn't have done it, but Terriermon pops up and says it's definitely a possibility.

That night! A Devidramon appears, and the three kids and their Digimon all arrive on the scene. Guilmon is the one who fights it, though. Terriermon runs off to lurk, and discovers that the prankster was Impmon. He tells Takato the good news.

Episode 9

Takato and Growmon have to ask for Jian and Terriermon's assistance in the middle of the night! They need a place to hide Growmon until he devolves back to Guilmon, so Jian shows them a fitting tunnel.

The next day! Growmon naturally disappeared from the tunnel, so Jian sends Terriermon off to search for him. He finds Growmon sleeping in the middle of a park, and runs off to inform Jian and Takato, who storm off the moment school ends for the day. When they get back to the park, he's gone again, and Jian asks Terriermon if he's SURE he saw him. Terriermon is! And sure enough, they find him hiding in some bushes. Terriermon tells Takato to forgive Growmon after hearing about why he ended up running out of the tunnel. Some people walk by, and Terriermon pretends to be a stuffed animal.

So! The three of them have a jolly good time painting Growmon in camouflage colors. Ruki arrives on the scene to interrupt their happy fun time, and Jian and Terriermon even get ready to do some pummeling! Then it starts raining, and all of their hard work washes off Growmon.

Episode 10

There's a quick scene in the beginning where Impmon spies on Jian and Terriermon's cozy reading hour through their window.

Later on, Terriermon, Jian, Takato and Guilmon are hanging out, talking about battle combos and stuff. Impmon shows up and tries to bully Terriermon into fighting him, but they all ignore him. As they leave, Impmon sends his stupid little fire finger attack towards Terriermon, but Terriermon simply counters with Petit Twister, sending him flying! "But I told you not to!" Jian says. "But I didn't touch him!" Terriermon replies. Jian punches him in that brotherly fashion.

After IceDevimon imposes himself upon Ruki, Terriermon and his pals run off to assist her. Terriermon and Guilmon rush off to attack him, but he freezes them into a block of ice. Jian slashes a Meramon card hoping for Terriermon to melt his way out, but it doesn't work. After Renamon arrives and gets pummeled around, Jian gets an idea, and slashes another card that helps Terriermon break through the ice.

Episode 11

Terriermon is sitting around on Jian's head while he walks through the city, looking kind of embarrassed. "I told you not to follow me!" he says. "But when I stay home alone, this and that happens..." Terriermon whines, referring to the playtimes with Shaochung.

That's when that thick fog known as a Digital Field appears, the one that always shows up right before a Digimon! Terriermon is ready to leap into action, but Jian stops him, not wanting to have anything to do with it or for anyone to get hurt. The problem is avoided when the fog disappears with no signs of the wild Digimon.

"Why don't you want me to fight?" Terriermon asks Jian, and Jian replies that while Digimon may exist to battle in their own world, there's no need for them to do so in the real world. "You once said that it's strange that we live in this world," Terriermon says. "Am I in the way? Would it be better if I just disappeared?" "That's not what I meant!" Jian assures him.

Back home, Terriermon and Jian both reflect on the little conversation they just had. "But I'm a Digimon, Jian..." Terriermon sighs. He then gets ambushed by Shaochung.

The next day! Terriermon joins Jian as he goes shopping because he doesn't want to be home alone. That's when another Digital Field forms! In the middle of a road of all places. A little girl runs out into the road, and Jian goes into big brother mode and goes after her. He finds Takato and Guilmon already fighting the Digimon, Musyamon, and failing! He realizes that he and Terriermon have to do something, and Terriermon leaps into the battle, backed up by Jian slashing a speed plugin card. Terriermon then evolves into Galgomon! This time he doesn't lose control, though - he focuses on his fight against Musyamon, and loads his data after successfully defeating him.

"Are you okay with this, Jian?" Galgomon asks after the battle. Jian thinks for a moment, then replies, "We're the only ones able to defeat these Digimon. Us Tamers. I have a feeling there's a meaning behind the two of us meeting." "Moumantai!" says Galgomon. Takato and Guilmon have a little talk about today's failure, and Galgomon throws them a Moumantai as well. Guilmon tries to say it too, but screws up.

Episode 12

Jian and Terriermon find Ruki outside a Digital Field. She's currently quarreling with Renamon, and it just so happens to be Renamon fighting inside. Jian asks Ruki about it, and she storms off. When Renamon finishes the fight, Jian tells her that Ruki was just there. "I'm sure she was worried about you!" Terriermon says. Jian tries to give her some relationship advice. Culumon arrives, and Terriermon hops down to play with him, trying to teach him some martial arts in the process.

Jian and Terriermon later have a talk about Ruki and Renamon's problematic relationship with Takato. That's when they run into the Hypnos guy, Yamaki! "You must be Kenryo Lee," he says to Jian. "It's Jianliang," says Jian. Yamaki says that he saw what they did yesterday, and that what they're doing is dangerous. "Who are you?" Jian asks, but Yamaki runs off when someone is heard calling for Takato. Jian and Terriermon run after him.

The two of them meet up with Takato again later, telling him that they lost him. That's when Terriermon and Guilmon sense a Digimon, so they run off to check things out, only to find Renamon battling it. The two of them try attacking a little, but end up leaving it to Renamon.

Episode 13

Today finds Terriermon humming while checking out Jian's Digimon cards on his computer. There's a Digimon there he doesn't recognize, but before he can investigate further, Shaochung comes barging in, so he has to continue with the stuffed animal act.

When Jian comes home from school, Shaochung greets him with a Terriermon dressed up as a baby. Jian later finds Terriermon in his room, smacking himself against the window like a fly.

Episode 14

Terriermon is still freaking out. Outside, all the wild Digimon are being sucked up into the sky to disintegrate! This is Hypnos's doing, of course. Their plan gets foiled by a new Digimon, though.

Jian and Terriermon go outside where they run into Yamaki who prepares to take out his frustration on them, then remembers that he probably shouldn't go around beating up kids. He roars that this is all their fault instead. "The nerve of that guy!" Terriermon says. Jian and Terriermon meet up with Ruki and Renamon, and run over to where Takato and Guilmon are getting ready to fight the new Digimon... their first boss battle, if you will. "I'm going, Jian!" Terriermon says. "It's okay to evolve, right?" Jian gives him the green lights, but Ruki insists to have Renamon do it.

The Digimon turns out to be Mihiramon, the "tiger" part of a group of Chinese Zodiac-based Digimon called the Devas. When it defeats Renamon, Terriermon jumps into action, evolving right away. Even as Galgomon, he's no match for the new enemy, though. He blasts off at it until he runs out of ammo, then gets smacked down and out, back into Terriermon.

It's Guilmon's turn, and Terriermon gives him some advice for the match. Guilmon manages to evolve all the way to his Perfect level and wins! Thanks to Terriermon?

Episode 15

Terriermon fools around with his little acrobatics while the kids have a serious conversation about their duties as Tamers. Guilmon and Takato show the others a cute team flag Takato made, and Terriermon disapproves of it with a "Lame."

The next morning! Jian gets woken up by Shaochung thrusting Terriermon at him and telling him that Takato is on the phone. Takato asks if they want to patrol the city with him, but Jian is going to his martial arts teacher's house today. Shaochung is playing with Terriermon the moment Jian gets ready to leave, so when she turns her back on them, he grabs Terriermon and runs.

Impmon makes a comment about Digimon being treated like babies, which causes Terriermon to sneeze (a sign that someone is talking about him behind his back).

Jian and Terriermon sit around on the train, and Terriermon begins fooling around again. Jian lightly punches his head and tells him to shut up. When they get off the train, Terriermon senses a Digimon! And it's not just a Digimon, but the second Deva - the snake, Santiramon. It's about to blow up the train, so Jian equips Terriermon with WarGreymon's shield in order to save a little kid. Ruki and Renamon appear and tell them that they'll take care of the Digimon, and it's up to Jian and Terriermon to run off and try to find Takato and Guilmon. Jian complains that Terriermon is too heavy, so Terriermon moves from his head and onto his back.

Terriermon evolves into Galgomon and reappears in order to help Kyubimon fight Santiramon. Takato and Guilmon eventually arrive on the scene as well, and all three Digimon attack Santiramon together in their Adult forms, defeating it.

After the battle, Galgomon is introduced to Jian and Takato's classmates.

Episode 16

Jian and Takato's classes are going on a camping trip! Terriermon, Guilmon and Culumon tag along, Terriermon easily pretending to be a backpack.

Takato has a helpful little flashback where they're all hanging out in Guilmon's hideout, Terriermon and Guilmon playing like fools while Jian says they should bring their Digimon with them on the trip so that they can get a well-deserved chance to play around in the nature after having fought so much recently.

They reach the campsite! Terriermon eats too fast and nearly chokes on a riceball.

While the three Digimon play around, Jian's Digivice reacts to a new Digimon nearby, but he and Takato decide to ignore it and hope for the best since they don't want to interrupt their Digimon's fun time.

While Mr. Mori is telling a ghost story, Terriermon pops out from a tent together with Guilmon and scares the stuffing out of him.

The gang runs up to the top of a mountain, and the Digimon are amazed at the view. Jian and Takato find the Digimon Jian's Digivice reacted to earlier, and they practically shove their partners back to the campsite to avoid any potential fights breaking out.

The next day! The Digimon play around in the water, and Impmon drops by to whine at them. They splash him, and he hops in and starts chasing them around. That's when they're joined by the Digimon from yesterday! It's gotten a lot larger. It turns out to be the rooster Deva, Sinduramon. Terriermon and Guilmon take off after it and start fighting it. Jian and Takato catch up with them and help them evolve. Galgomon and Growmon pummel it to smithereens!

It's troublesome to be camping together with large evolved Digimon, so the episode ends with the two of them standing on their heads to hurry up the devolution process.

Episode 17

Jian is randomly given a card from Kenta who got it from some kid who got it from a mysterious stranger! He tries slashing it, and it turns into a magical Blue Card. "Yaaay! It changed, it changed!" Terriermon cheers.

Jian has his dad have a look at it, but he can't seem to make any sense of it either. Mr. Lee notices Terriermon and obviously thinks Jian is SO silly for having a stuffed animal.

Jian and Terriermon team up with Takato and Ruki, and they start their search for the kid who had the card originally. When they find him, he tells them he got it in Akihabara, so they decide to go there to investigate the next day. Guilmon can't come, and he's jealous of Terriermon who can go with Jian everywhere.

Takato, Jian and Terriermon run into Impmon, and Terriermon asks Jian for permission to do some pummeling when none other than Mr. Lee shows up! The secret about Digimon being real is out! Impmon attacks him, but Terriermon steps between them, wanting to protect Jian's papa. Impmon runs off. Mr. Lee wants to talk to Jian, but Jian grabs Terriermon and gets outta there.

Jian, Terriermon, Takato and Ruki eventually reach Akihabara. Two Digimon show up! They're the sheep and ox Devas, Pajiramon and Vajiramon. Terriermon faces off against Pajiramon while Renamon takes care of Vajiramon. Jian equips Terriermon with Zudomon's hammer, but he's still no match for Pajiramon. Terriermon continues struggling even after evolving into Galgomon and having several cards slashed. Jian hesitates a little, then eventually tries slashing his newly acquired Blue Card, causing Galgomon to evolve into Rapidmon after a short pause!

"How did it turn out?" Jian asks. "Somehow, I'm now able to move incredibly fast!" Rapidmon replies, zipping around at top speed. He fires off Rapid Fire at Pajiramon, and blows her up with Golden Triangle. He also manages to hit Vajiramon, but not fully defeat him.

Later on, back home! Mr. Lee thanks Terriermon for defending him. Jian apologizes to his dad for not telling him about Terriermon earlier, and in turn, Mr. Lee tells Jian about what happened about twenty years ago - he was part of a group of nerds that first created Digimon.