I started to work on Hurricane on the 19th of September, year 2009, and launched it publically on October 11th. While I would have liked to give it a simple no-nonsense title like "The Terriermon Page," I decided against it in order for it to better match my Piyomon fansite. So Hurricane it was! I chose this word because well, Terriermon IS a bit of a little hurricane, isn't he? At times even literally, with his twister attack and all. I may also have been subconsciously inspired by the title of one of the Zero Two two-parter movies. Either that, or the Ducktales theme song.

Growing up in Northern Europe, I discovered Digimon in my early teens through the internet before it even hit my country. I fell head over heels in love with Digimon Adventure and was heartbroken when the story came to a conclusion, and avoided Digimon Tamers out of sheer spite. For a while, I even held something against Digimon Adventure 02 for shoving the old main characters into the shadows! ...Actually, I still kind of do. I don't downright dislike 02 or anything, but it's clearly inferior to Adventure and Tamers.

Years later! No longer being a whiny teenager, I had long since come to terms with the fact that Digimon Adventure couldn't go on forever, so I no longer held anything against the later seasons. It wasn't until September 2009 that I finally decided to sit down and watch Digimon Tamers though - it was after rewatching Adventure for the first time since I had started comprehending Japanese. Since being able to understand so much made me so very happy and confident, and because my love for Digimon needed a boost since one can only survive with a single cartoon series for so long, I decided to have a Digimon marathon! I started out with Tamers, and quickly fell in love with it too. Funny how things work out!

Terriermon is my favorite character for many reasons. I love his personality the most, of course - his "WHATEVER!!" attitude just brightens up the entire show. The atmosphere in Tamers is kind of gloomy compared to the other Digimon series, so Terriermon is incredibly vital! I really admire how he does his best to cope with everything with his little moumantai quote. It's downright inspiring, especially for a nervous wreck like myself! He also has the most interesting and heartwarming relationship with his partner in the entire series. The fact that his name is Terriermon doesn't hurt either, since terriers are my favorite animals and all.

There is just something about Digimon characters that makes them so... shrineable. Remember back in the day when EVERYONE had at least one fansite to a Digimon character? I do, and with my humble fansites, I hope to inspire more people to take up the hobby again.

And that's the story of Hurricane!