Since this is a Terriermon fansite, this episode guide will only contain summaries of what Terriermon is up to. Isn't that fun?

Episodes 1 - 17, 18 - 34, 35 - 51

Episode 18

Renamon ran off with Vajiramon in the end of the previous episode, so Takato, now visiting Jian and Terriermon, wonders if she'll come back. "Moumantai, she'll be back!" says Terriermon.

The following evening, Terriermon senses something. It could be Vajiramon! Jian phones their friends, and they're off. They follow the signal to a stadium where they find Vajiramon together with Renamon. Guilmon is about to attack, but Terriermon jumps off Jian's shoulder to stop him. "Wait!" he says. "It looks like they're talking." And talk they do! Vajiramon is babbling on about Digimon deities, but Terriermon has no idea what he's going on about. When Vajiramon is about to attack Culumon, Guilmon and Terriermon step in! They both evolve to their Adult forms, and their partners help them along by slashing a card each. It's Renamon who ends up getting the honor of defeating Vajiramon by evolving into Taomon.

Episode 19

The episode begins with Terriermon hanging out with the Tamer trio, discussing the Devas. They split up shortly afterwards, Jian and Terriermon taking the train to the dojo for martial arts practice.

Terriermon watches as Jian tries to do some pummeling but fails horribly. His teacher, Mr. Cho, notices that something is off, and offers to have a talk. Jian asks him about the Devas. Mr. Cho tells him that while Devas are supposedly good deities, what's good and what's evil really depends on what perspective you look at it from.

On their way home, Terriermon senses a new Digimon appearance. It's the horse Deva, Indramon, and as they arrive on the scene, Impmon is already fighting it. Jian wants Terriermon to evolve and take care of it, but Renamon stops them, telling them that this is Impmon's battle. They watch as he takes a beating, and Terriermon wonders if this is really okay. Jian concludes that the Devas are really the bad guys. Just as Impmon is about to disintegrate, Renamon steps in. The Tamer trio's Digimon all evolve, but Indramon easily sucks up their attacks.

Episode 20

Impmon gets blown away by Indramon, and Indramon himself disappears! The gang search for Impmon, but without success. They decide to call it a day and try again tomorrow, but the Digimon have to spend the night in the tunnel because they're still in their Adult forms.

The next day! Takato, Hirokazu and Kenta go to pick the Digimon up, and Terriermon is reunited with Jian in Guilmon's hideout, practically diving on top of him. That's when Indramon reappears! The gang runs off to greet him.

They face off against Indramon on a bridge, the Digimon evolving into their Adult forms right away. Jian slashes a speed card, and Galgomon blasts off until he's out of ammo so that Jian has to slash a reloading card. The Digimon fight until they're out of breath, and Growmon eventually evolves and ends up victorious.

Episode 21

Today finds the gang hanging out at Guilmon's hideout talking about the Devas. Jian denies something Takato says, and Guilmon defends his partner, to what Terriermon replies, "Jian is nice!"

Later on, the mouse Deva, Kumbhiramon, makes his grand appearance! Jian and Terriermon show up on the scene. They watch as Leomon takes care of business, but as Kumbhiramon starts to overwhelm him, Terriermon jumps in to fight. He evolves into Galgomon and helps Leomon win the fight.

Episode 22

Shaochung clutches onto Terriermon as an earthquake occurs. It's not a normal earthquake though, so Jian has to practically pull Terriermon away from Shaochung by force.

"Shaochung was crying," Terriermon says as they have a walk around to check things out. "You shouldn't have used such a loud voice." That's when Jian happens to notice a poster featuring the Zodiac animals randomly hanging around! They run into Ruki, and all three of them run off to the park to meet up with Takato.

Once they meet up with the others, Jian shows them the poster he got and tells them that he's figured out that the Devas are based on the Zodiac animals. They discuss things for a while, and a certain monkey-like kid starts acting suspicious, so they all chase after him. The chase gets interrupted when Terriermon and Guilmon's Digimon senses start tingling and another earthquake occurs - it turns out to be caused by a gigantic Digimon, the boar Deva, Vikaralamon! It starts wrecking the city like Godzilla, and Terriermon and his two pals evolve right away. Their attacks don't work at all, though! Because they want to protect the city and their folks, the Tamer trio magically acquire a Blue Card each, and their Digimon partners evolve into their Perfect forms.

Episode 23

Rapidmon and his Perfect pals fight on! Rapidmon gets hit by Vikaralamon's attack and is unable to move, but Taomon helps him out. Jian makes a quick speech about believing, and slashes a card to power Rapidmon up. All's going swell when Hypnos launches another one of their programs, and all of the Digimon start losing their powers! They're all about to disintegrate when the monkey kid from yesterday (actually the monkey Deva, Makuramon) shows up and foils Hypnos's plans.

Rapidmon and pals are still struggling against Vikaralamon, so the Tamers somehow start fighting telepathically alongside their partners. Strangely enough, this works, and their enemy blows up.

Episode 24

Mr. Lee summons Jian and Terriermon into his office, and he asks to see Jian's Digivice. He asks Terriermon if he understands how swell it is to see a dream come true, but it doesn't look like Terriermon quite understands what he's babbling about. Shaochung comes barging in and carries Terriermon with her.

The next day, after school! Jian and Terriermon meet up with Takato and his classmates. Takato's teacher freaks out when she hears about their plans to go to the Digital World, but Terriermon tells her not to worry, and waves her good-bye with his ear as they leave.

Jian tells Shaochung about their little trip, and Terriermon reveals his true identity to her for the first time. "It was pretty horrible playing with you, Shaochung," he says, "but it was fun, too." Shaochung doesn't seem fazed at all, and hugs him like she always does.

The next morning! The Tamer trio and their Digimon, along with Juri, Leomon, Hirokazu and Kenta, take off to the Digital World!

Episode 25

"Moumantai!" Terriermon says causally as the whole gang drop from their own world and into the Digital one. As they land, Jian says that he didn't imagine the Digital World to be like this. "What did you think it would look like?" Terriermon asks. "More virtual realityesque," Jian replies.

Terriermon joins the whole gang as they snap photos of themselves to record the event.

They spend some time wandering around in the Digital World until it gets dark. Terriermon goes to sleep, but wakes up when he notices a whole gang of Digimon approaching. They all quickly climb up on some rocks as to not get trampled.

They continue their search for Makuramon and Culumon the next day and stuff!

Episode 26

Can you believe it? Terriermon doesn't show up in this episode at all! Because of that, I am using an eyecatch picture of Terriermon as this episode's picture. I'll just talk some more to fill out some space. Okay, next episode!

Episode 27

The group is wandering around searching for Ruki, Renamon, Hirokazu and Kenta and worrying and stuff, but Terriermon is all "Whatever! Moumantai!" He then discovers a small village place with a bunch of small huts. He then HEARS something! It's a stray motorbike running amuck, so the group splits up and runs for it. The motorbike smashes through one of the huts and then leaves, and the Tsuchidarumon who were living in the huts reveal themselves. They're a friendly bunch, and invite the gang inside. The Tsuchidarumon elder tells them that the motorbike comes around to terrorize the village every now and then. Terriermon suggests pummeling it not once but twice, and Jian gives him a strict "Terriermon!" both times.

Jian calls for a timeout to discuss the situation with Terriermon and Takato outside. He doesn't want to meddle with the village's affairs and get going, but Takato will have none of it! To which Terriermon says, "I think I agree with Takato a little..."

Well, the motorbike eventually shows up again, and Jian immediately sics Terriermon on it, evolving him into Galgomon right away. His attacks don't really work on it, though. Guilmon eventually gets possessed by the bike and goes ballistic, so Jian equips Galgomon with WarGreymon's shield to block his attacks.

Episode 28

Terriermon is back to being Terriermon, and is still searching for Culumon and the others. He once again thinks his traveling companions are worrying too much, so he tries to cheer them up. The others just sigh. Terriermon mentions the place where they took the memorial pictures, and they decide to go there.

The wind is really strong when they get there. Terriermon even gets blown right off Jian's head! Guilmon picks up Renamon's scent, so they all follow his lead. They eventually reach a place in the middle of the desert with a bunch of boxy buildings. They get into one particularly funny-looking box, and it transports them... somewhere.

Episode 29

Terriermon and his traveling companions end up in another weird-looking town. Terriermon tells them not to worry about it, since no matter where they are, they're still somewhere in the Digital World. Guilmon finds some food lying around, and he and Terriermon both try some only to be horribly disappointed. Leomon tells them not to just eat whatever they find, and Terriermon says that if they don't, they won't find out what it tastes like. They then run into Hirokazu, Kenta and Ryo! Swell.

It gets dark, so they decide to spend the night in a nearby castle. Terriermon and Guilmon share a bed.

The next day! The gang runs into Makuramon along with the dragon Deva, Majiramon, and Terriermon evolves into Galgomon to fight right away. It's Cyberdramon who ends up getting the honor of defeating Majiramon, though.

Episode 30

It's nighttime! The gang is sleeping in a cave, Jian and Terriermon standing guard outside. They switch with Takato and Guilmon.

The next morning, they all decide to go back to the place where they took the memorial pics. When they get there, the flag is gone, and Guilmon can smell Culumon! Terriermon hugs his ears and says in a squeaky voice, "Then the one behind the missing flag must be Culumon, culu!" An awkward silence follows.

They spend the rest of the episode loitering around, eventually meeting back up with Ruki and Culumon. In the end of the episode, Terriermon gets sucked into one of those light pillars along with Jian and Takato and teleported somewhere.

Episode 31

This episode is stupid and I hate it. But there's a quick couple of scenes that show Terriermon and friends in the middle of their little teleportation process. Terriermon doesn't seem all too worried about it though!

Episode 32

Terriermon, Jian and Takato end up landing in this huge pool of some sort. They quickly swim to the surface only to be faced with a cave with no exits. Jian has Terriermon check the pool out, and he reports that it's like a maze. Jian proceeds to equip Terriermon with a drill, which he uses to bore a hole in the wall only to be faced with MORE water! So Jian has to slash another card, and Terriermon uses his new-found ice punch to freeze the water.

Jian eventually discovers that they can actually breathe under this particular water, so they all take a dive to try to find a way out, Terriermon having a blast! He uses his horn to open a large round door. They get attacked by a Hangyomon, and Jian and Terriermon combine their forces to knock some sense into it. Turns out it wasn't such a bad guy after all, and it shows them a way out through a pipe of some sort. Terriermon goes to check it out, but ends up getting zapped. So they have the Otamamon make a bubble for them to ride in.

They arrive in some kind of library where they meet one of the nerds, nicknamed Shibumi, who worked on creating Digimon back in the eighties and they have a long, boring non-Terriermon-related talk, before the nerd lets Terriermon and pals on board a vehicle resembling a Digivice, and they're off!

Episode 33

Terriermon, Jian and Takato are riding around in the giant Digivice vehicle, wondering where it's heading, when Jian sits down and starts playing with Terriermon's ears. Terriermon disapproves of course, saying that he's being like Shaochung. Speaking of Shaochung, he wonders how she's doing...

Meanwhile, in the real world! Somehow a rift to the Digital World opens, and Shaochung spots Terriermon. She then gets transported to the Digital World. She runs around for a bit, then starts crying. Terriermon somehow hears her. They come to the conclusion that the vehicle they're riding goes where they want it to go, and Terriermon decides that he wants to find Shaochung at once.

The vehicle brings them to her and disintegrates just as she's being attacked by Makuramon. Andiramon protects her, but Terriermon and pals misunderstand and rush to her aid. That's when Shaochung gets her Digivice and Andiramon becomes her Digimon, turning into Lopmon. Terriermon and Lopmon check each other out, amazed at their resemblance.

Episode 34

Shaochung is happily playing with Terriermon and Lopmon's ears. Everyone talks about non-Terriermon-related stuff when suddenly Beelzebumon shows up! Terriermon evolves into Galgomon and then straight into Rapidmon. Beelzebumon is not impressed. "Don't underestimate me!" Rapidmon yells, firing off his Rapid Fire attack... that doesn't really do anything. He gets badly hurt. That's when everyone else arrives, and Beelzebumon gets too busy to pummel them to pay attention to Rapidmon.