Since this is a Terriermon fansite, this episode guide will only contain summaries of what Terriermon is up to. Isn't that fun?

Episodes 1 - 17, 18 - 34, 35 - 51

Episode 35

The entire area is about to crumble to pieces, so Rapidmon picks Jian, Shaochung and Lopmon up and carries them over to a slightly safer spot. "Rapidmon, are you okay?" Jian asks. "I won't lose just yet!" Rapidmon replies. As Beelzebumon and Guilmon's freaky SkullGreymon-type Ultimate form pummel each other, Rapidmon rushes in to try to stop them. Beelzebumon traps him in a bubble and is just about to delete him when Jian slashes a card to devolve him back to Terriermon, saving him.

Episode 36

Seeing Dukemon and Beelzebumon battle it out, Terriermon feels frustrated because he can't evolve and help.

The dog Deva, Caturamon, shows up to pummel Lopmon and Shaochung, but Terriermon jumps out and takes the hit for them. He falls into a crack in the ground, but Renamon fetches him.

Episode 37

Jian kind of obsesses over getting Shaochung back to the real world as soon as possible. Terriermon is still feeling pretty beat up, but when Takato asks him if he's all right, he tells them not to worry. The gang gets ready to seek out their new enemy, a Holy Beast guardian Digimon named Zhuqiaomon, and Jian insists that Shaochung stays behind. She doesn't want Terriermon to go either, but he has to, doesn't he?

And so Terriermon and pals make their way over to Zhuqiaomon's castle. Terriermon is so beat up that his ear starts fading a little on the way, but he keeps on pretending that he's all right. The fight begins, and Terriermon, Guilmon and Renamon evolve all the way to their Perfect forms right away. Jian notices that Rapidmon's little jetpack is fading. The Digimon fight on, and the jetpack disintegrates. Rapidmon doesn't give up though, and continues fighting until he's forced to devolve back into Terriermon. Jian blames himself, and Terriermon tells him to look behind him. "We're not alone," he says. "Our friends are here!" Determined to save everyone and return to their home, Terriermon and Jian merge and evolve into Terriermon's Ultimate form, SaintGalgomon. They manage to knock Zhuqiaomon down, but not out! Just as they devolve back into ol' Terriermon and Jian, Zhuqiaomon gets back up.

Episode 38

While Taomon is having her hands full keeping a protective barrier around the gang, Guilmon and Terriermon jump out and fire their little attacks at Zhuqiaomon. Naturally, their attacks do nothing, and Terriermon and Guilmon plummet down into the ocean below. Zhuqiaomon fires his attack at them, but Qinglongmon appears and blocks it.

Episode 39

Terriermon mostly stays in the background in this episode, but there's one little part where Terriermon comments on how properly Jian does things, and Guilmon is quick to say that Takato does too. "I wonder about that," Terriermon says. "He does!" Guilmon insists.

Episode 40

Terriermon is still kind of just hanging around in the background being cute together with Guilmon.

Episode 41

It's time to go home to the real world, and there's a lot of struggling getting everyone on board the little Ark that is taking them there. Terriermon forms a chain with Guilmon, Lopmon and Culumon in order to haul Takato in.

Everyone eventually returns safely, though!

Episode 42

The Lee family minus Mr. Lee are currently taking cover over at Mr. Cho's place. Shaochung tries to change Lopmon's speaking habits, much to Lopmon's exasperation. "Moumantai," Terriermon sighs. Later on, Jian and Terriermon run off and meet up with Takato, Guilmon, Ruki and Renamon in order to check out the D-Reaper, a digital population control program run amuck, that recently appeared in the real world.

Episode 43

The gang checks out the D-Reaper, then spends the night at school for a lack of a better place to go. Takato takes them all to his home and teaches them how to make bread for breakfast, and they have a jolly good time doing so.

They run off to fight the D-Reaper, the Digimon evolving straight into their Perfect forms. They get smacked around for a while until Beelzebumon appears to help them out. Rapidmon and the others lovingly make fun of him afterwards.

Episode 44

The gang spends another night at school, and gets an invitation from the parents to come to Ruki's home for breakfast the next day. Terriermon is most certainly having the time of his life! When the kids get ready to spring back into action, the parents finally give them their approval. Terriermon looks on with curiosity. He turns into Galgomon, and they're off!

The Digimon evolve to their Perfect forms when they face the D-Reaper, but they're struggling against it. They can't evolve into their Ultimate forms when they're in the real world, but a strange girl and a Dobermon make a dramatic appearance, granting them the power to do so.

Episode 45

The Tamer trio merge with their Digimon and evolve into their Ultimate forms. They manage to destroy a bunch of the little Agents the D-Reaper sends out, but they're still having a hard time against the massive blob itself.

Episode 46

They continue fighting and stuff! While Dukemon got sucked into the D-Reaper and devolved back into Takato and Guilmon, Sakuyamon creates a barrier around herself and SaintGalgomon so that they can enter without devolving. They fetch Takato and Guilmon, and SaintGalgomon uses his Giant Missile attack to break them back out.

They all fight some more, then devolve back to their regular selves when it starts getting dark.

Episode 47

Takato's dad drives Terriermon and the gang off to the nerd group's headquarters. One of them asks to borrow Jian's Digivice, and explains to Jian and Terriermon what 'realization' is (basically stuff being transferred from the Digital World to the Real World).

Takato, Ruki and their Digimon run off to fight, but Jian and Terriermon have to stay behind since their Digivice is being occupied. Terriermon is kind of impatient.

Episode 48

When the group discover Beelzebumon stuck inside the D-Reaper, they all rush out to fight again. "Lopmon, I'm leaving Shaochung to you!" Terriermon calls out as they leave. The ones who can evolve into their Ultimate forms do so, including Jian and Terriermon. They all... fight and stuff.

Episode 49

Yep, they sure do continue fighting! They can't really do anything against the massive blob though, so they eventually have to quit and spend some time to think. Jian and Terriermon stay with the nerds.

A week passes! Mr. Lee attaches a bunch of wires to Terriermon in order to examine him in order to again examine the D-Reaper. Terriermon takes it like a man, although he's impatient and says that his ear itches. When they're done, Jian and Terriermon get ready to leap back into action. One of the nerds gives them a special red card.

Episode 50

Terriermon and Jian meet up with Takato, Ruki, Ryo and their Digimon again, and they use the card the nerd gave them. This card will allow them to stay in their Ultimate forms even inside the D-Reaper. So they all evolve and enter it! Then they fight some more.

Episode 51

SaintGalgomon fights on until he runs out of bullets. He can still do some more pummeling by using Jian's skills, though!

Mr. Lee contacts them and informs them that during his little examination a couple of episodes ago, he loaded a program into Terriermon that will help them destroy the D-Reaper. So it's up to SaintGalgomon to dive into a spinning pipe and spin around like a fool in the opposite direction of the pipe in order to activate the program. He manages to pull the D-Reaper into its doom. Did you hear that? Terriermon just freaking saved the WORLDS!

The Ultimate Digimon all start losing their power, and devolve back to their regular forms. MarineAngemon and pals appear and pull them all out.

So, peace has been restored! The whole group stand back and admire their hard work when the Digimon all suddenly start shrinking - they're devolving into their Baby forms! Mr. Lee arrives on the scene and explains what's happening. The worlds have been saved, but the Digimon have to return to their own world, otherwise they'll turn into programs like the D-Reaper, apparently a side-effect of the program that was loaded into Terriermon. "Dad... did you do this to Terriermon while knowing...?" Jian asks. Mr. Lee miserably apologizes, telling them that this was the only way to save the worlds. "Jian!" Terriermon in his new-found Gummymon form says, "Moumantai!" He floats towards the entrance to the Digital World along with the other Digimon and disappears. By the way, whose bright idea was it to let Toshi Deguchi animate the final episode?!