Small models of Terriermon and his evolved forms!

Terriermon Evolution Line Action Figures
By Bandai (Overseas)

How delightfully obligatory! Terriermon flaps his ears and raises his arms when you press down a little lever on his back. Galgomon flaps his ears and spins his guns when you press down a hideous red lever on his back. Rapidmon raises his arms and ears when you push down his jetpack. Finally, SaintGalgomon's cute giant missiles poke out when you push his jetpack.

Terriermon Evolution Line Inaction Figures
By Bandai (Overseas)

Tiny, cute and collectable, this set includes everything from Gummymon to SaintGalgomon! They were all available for purchase in figure sets mixed together with random other Digimon, then re-released in a special figure set including Terriermon, his evolutions minus Gummymon, and even Jian!

Terriermon Metal Action Figure Keychain
By Banpresto (Japan)

This totally bizarre figure has a head (not including the ears) made out of metal, while the rest is plain ol' plastic. He can move his head and ears!

"Real Digimon" Terriermon/Culumon and Galgomon
By Bandai (Japan)

Terriermon and Culumon were sold as a set, and Galgomon came on his own. They originate from those boxes with candy inside.

"Tokotoko" Interactive Terriermon
By Bandai (Japan)

He walks! He talks! He doesn't come with batteries! This chubby Terriermon is sound activated. Comes with the phrases "Wai!" and "Moumantai!"

Terriermon, Galgomon and Rapidmon Finger Puppets
By Bandai (Japan)

Super cute hollow figures made out of soft plastic.

"D Real" Action Figure Galgomon, Rapidmon and SaintGalgomon
By Bandai (Japan)

Awesome, poseable, and very detailed action figures! Galgomon is kind of hard to pose because of his chunkiness, but he's still awesome. Rapidmon may very well be the best Digimon action figure ever made. SaintGalgomon comes with interchangable ears!

"Digimon Tamers Real Collection Jr" Terriermon and Galgomon
By Bandai (Japan)

Digging those angry eyes! What's up with certain Galgomon figures having four spikes on each ear, though? The Terriermon is just plain cute, forehead and all.

Finger Puppet Terriermon
By Yutaka (Japan)

Like the Bandai finger puppets, only... different. Terriermon here originally came in a box together with the other Tamers Digimon.

"Digimon Tamers Real Collection" Rapidmon and SaintGalgomon
By Bandai (Japan)

Medium-sized vending machine figures in super cool poses!

"Digimon World" figures
By Bandai (Japan)

Awesome little figures with neat display bases!

"Digimon Mascots" Terriermon and Galgomon
By ???

Their eyes are placed just a liiiittle too high, but other than that, these little figures are really cute.

Single colored Terriermon figures + extras
By Yutaka (Japan)

How bizarre are these sets?! Each figure came sealed in a bag together with a tiny sticker sheet and a medal. I hear there's a third color available as well.

"Evolution Box" figures
By Bandai (Japan)

Terriermon, Gummymon and Galgomon here were sold as a boxed set together with Guilmon and Renamon and their evolutions as well as Culumon. Note the perfect paintjob!

Dumb fastfood toy
By Carl's Jr. (overseas)

Slightly creepy-looking Terriermon that can squirt water AND flap his ears when you push the button on the cloud! He's kinda neat for a fastfood toy, though.

Galgomon padlock figure
By Bandai (Japan)

A padlock AND a figure, he comes with his own little keys and everything! There's also a Terriermon version available that I don't have.