As if Terriermon wasn't plushie-like enough already!

Terriermon Bean Bag Plush (02)
By Bandai (Japan)

I bet you're all familiar with the floppy ragdoll-type Digimon beanies! Known as "Kuta-Chara" (floppy characters) in Japan and "Digi-Pals" overseas, this plush is dated 2000, which means that this particular Terriermon is Wallace's. But that's okay, I don't judge!

Terriermon Spinning Top Plush
By Banpresto (Japan)

This small yet heavy plush doll doubles as a spinning top. Hours of fun!

Galgomon UFO Catcher Plush
By Banpresto (Japan)

The only Galgomon plush doll as far as I know, obtainable through claw machines. Fantastic doll, very detailed and colorful! You can't see it on the picture, but he does have four spikes on each ear. The mystery continues!

Deluxe Terriermon UFO Catcher Plush
By Banpresto (Japan)

One of the cutest Terriermon toys ever in my humble opinion, this baby would most likely be the life-sized if it weren't for his cute super deformed proportions.

"Digimon Friends" Terriermon
By Bandai (Japan)

I have an extra soft spot for the Friends series because they're what made me fall in love with Digimon in the first place all those years ago. This Terriermon is very small and was originally sold in a box accompanied by some candy.

Terriermon UFO Catcher Plush
By Banpresto (Japan)

And here we have a small claw machine plush. He's about the same size as the ragdoll beanies, and his green markings are made of a fuzzier material, making him look like he's wearing a fake beard. Super cute!

Terriermon Bean Bag Plush (Tamers)
By Bandai (Japan)

Tamers Terriermon got a Kuta-Chara beanie too, you know! He has a rather fierce expression on his face while the 02 version is smiling, shouldn't it be the other way around? They're different in more ways than the poses and expressions too; Tamers Terriermon's eyes are a bit larger, and his ears are stuffed with regular stuffing while 02 Terriermon's ears have beans in them.

Fast food toy Terriermon
By Dairy Queen (overseas)

Despite being a fast food toy and not following Terriermon's character design directly (check out his crazy pink inner ears), this plush is very cute!

1/1 Terriermon
By Bandai (Japan)

Actually, disregard what I said about the Deluxe Banpresto plush being close to life-sized because 1/1 Terriermon here dwarfs him completely. As his title suggests, this plush was created to be the same size as Terriermon would be if he were real! This is probably the ultimate Terriermon toy, folks.

DX In-Training Set Gummymon and Zerimon
By Bandai (Overseas)

Terriermon babies! These super rare cuties originate from a boxed set of Baby Digimon plushies that was only for sale in Asia (excluding Japan). Their boxmates were Guilmon and Renamon's Baby levels, and they are somewhere between a Friends plush and a bean bag in size.